Friday, September 22, 2006

As Advertised

A nice run this morning with 7 miles at 6:04 on the nose. During my warm up I could tell the lungs were working, and after about 4 miles of the effort my legs finally started to cooperate. It was a strange feeling to have the body just relax at this point, and all of the sudden I could actually contemplate running another marathon around this effort or faster. If I feel this way tomorrow after my long run maybe I'll be getting somewhere, and I'll know I've kicked whatever sickness I've been suffering from.

Aside from dealing with the daily travails of living in a hot-zone, I'm getting more and more excited about the marathon in December. While I'm certainly not race-ready for the 8K I'll suffer through next weekend, I'm getting a little more confident about my program this time around. Looking back at the old training log, I'm noticing that aside from a few races and a few shorter time trials, I didn't spend very much time running close to marathon pace. Three runs for each build just don't seem like enough to me, even though some of them were fairly long. There is some satisfaction of getting out a few times a week and getting into marathon mode. Mile 4 onward today was a good example of getting "in the pocket", where the feet, breathing and heart rate fall into an unmistakable polyrhythm that serves as a two hour plus soundtrack on race day. On days like this I believe.

Training: 10 miles, 1:03:35, 6:21 pace, with 7 miles at 6:04 pace

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Phil said...

Really sounds like you had a great run this morning. I've tried to explain this Zen-like experience where everything just clicks to non-runners and only get blank stares.

Great to hear that your feeling better and back on track to a great marathon.