Thursday, September 07, 2006


An even tougher night for the Salkowski clan, as sick Finn was even more miserable than the night before. After waking up at 11 and midnight, he simply refused to go down in his crib after his third waking around 1. I think Haiden woke once during this period of time but I was honestly so tired I can't recall for certain. A little after one we brought the boy into our bed to keep him from waking his sister, and after much sobbing and crawling around he finally fell asleep right on top of my quadriceps. As you might imagine, this was pretty similar to trying to sleep with a bowling ball resting on top of your legs. Still, everyone was so exhausted at this point that we managed to sleep from about 2-5.

When I awoke it was to to the sound of thunder and sideways rain. Lightning flashes illuminated the sky as the sun started to break over the horizon. If I wasn't thinking about running in the deluge it would have looked quite beautiful. Haiden woke with the storm, and soon the whole family was up. We headed out for bagels together, since I wasn't looking forward to running through what must be the worst of the storm. We got home as the wind, lightning and thunder cleared, though the rain showed no signs of easing. Instead of the 10 I had planned I had to settle for 5 in order to get home in time for Haiden to go to school while Finn napped. After getting soaked to the bone during the first 5 minutes the run was actually cool and pleasant, though I had to watch my step as several baby toads seemed to be migrating en masse across the roads around Sabino Canyon.

All told things are going well considering the lack of sleep during the past two nights, Finn's illness and the sudden sucker-punch the weather delivered. If I can manage another 5 miles this evening before Kiera goes out I'll be even on mileage, which will be good at this point in the week. I did get in a second run last evening of a little over 6 miles with the Running Shop gang, though I didn't get a time on it. I figure we were running around 7:20-7:30 pace.

That's it for now as the gears in my brain are frozen up due to lack of rest. Finn's fever did seem to break a little last night, so hopefully tonight will be a little easier.

Training: Today, 5 miles, 33:15, 6:39 pace
Yesterday pm., 6 miles, probably 7:20-7:30 pace


Greg said...

Your determination to get the runs in no matter what is inspirational. Hope everyone feels better real soon!

D said...

Sorry to hear that Finn is under the weather. I'm always amazed when I read about your runs coupled with the small amounts of uninterupted sleep you get.

Omniscient said...

I am currently reading the book "Pre" for a second time out of pure boredom and your committment to get in runs parallels the great American distance runner's committment. Granted, Pre would get out after a night of heavy drinking for a morning run and you, well, have young children. I think Pre would have been pretty amazed your committment.

I hope Finn feels better soon.

Phil said...

Happy to hear the Finn's fever broke. Perhaps he'll sleep through the night tonight. We got hit with the storm around mid-night last night and we quickly had two of our three dogs on the bed looking for assurance that the world wasn't coming to an end.

Great job getting out and running in the rain after no sleep for two nights. Inspirational

Mike said...

Jeez, thanks for the compliments but it really wasn't any more than 5 bleary-eyed miles in the rain after a bagel sandwich. I think Pre would be more of the "What's with the old, slow guy trying to be all serious?" mindset if he met me.

Unfortunately, Finn is feeling worse again, and now we have an appointment with the infectious diseases kid-doc next week. He seems to get too many fevers, even though his CBC(?) test came back fine. Keep your fingers crossed that it's just pre-school germs from Haiden.