Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mike & Ikes

I'm finally putting together the pattern of self-destruction. Too much refined sugar equals severe GI distress during the next morning's run. A leftover cupcake or two from Haiden's birthday party brings it on without fail, and a box of Mike & Ikes yesterday nearly put me over the edge this morning.

I ran 9 miles before Lucas showed up this morning, and the last mile had me suffering in a bad way. Luckily, things calmed down from that point on and Lucas and I headed out for the next 11 miles. It's strange tackling a long run mid-week, but since I'll be racing Sunday this was my best opportunity to get in this kind of training stimulus before a few easy pre-race runs. Lucas had been over-doing it himself, so we were both feeling pretty tired for the whole run. While we eventually got the pace down to a 7 minute average, the conversation was kept to a minimum as we trudged along with eyes squinting from the sun.

All in all it was good to get in 20 miles, and while the legs are a little tired they feel much better than they have after the workout-type long runs with marathon pace tagged on at the end. With some luck I'll recover soon and I'll find myself ready to fight on Sunday.

Speaking of fighting, Finn finally has a sickness that responds to medication. Up to now he's suffered from either colds or viruses, and medicine really wasn't of much help. This particular fever is due to an ear infection, and hopefully with enough amoxicillin he'll be right as rain soon enough. He only woke up once last night so he seems to be on the mend already. With luck the whole family may make it out to the race, which would be fun. The thought of taking Haiden in the stroller for a cool-down after the race makes me smile.

Training: 20 miles, 2:19:13, 6:58 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

hey, alright, figuring it out! sugar, interesting.

yay for Finn - glad he's sleeping and responding to the medicine.

Sunday's race (okay, run/walk for under-trained me) should be fun :)

Wayne said...

Thanks for the warning. I haven't tried the "Mike & Ikes" and I don't intend to. However, I have tried chips and guacamole before a race and that definitely didn't work.

D said...

I can't imagine having those sort of issues at mile 9 and still completing a 20-miler. I've never done a 20-miler in the middle of the week either. I might be sleeping at my desk the next day.

Good news on Finn.

Thomas said...

An ear infection! The poor little mite. Glad to hear he's better, now wonder he was so off-colour.

Dusty said...

That does qualify as a long run. Good luck at the race - hope the whole family makes it. Hope Finn gets well soon!

Marc said...

Have a good race Sunday.

I am sure Haiden smiles at the thought as well.