Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stop With the Whining

An uneventful 10 miles this morning, which was exactly what I was hoping for. The weather is amazing this time of the year, with morning temperatures in the mid-60's. I got a late start after both Finn and Haiden woke up ridiculously early. Believe it or not Finn has a temperature again, but he's in good spirits so we're not too worried at ths point.

A relaxing evening and a good night's sleep found me feeling a bit stronger today, and without any thoughts of pace I managed to still keep things under 7 minute pace. I think whatever has been squeezing my lungs and throat over the past two days has quietly slithered away, and if I still feel good tomorrow I'll be tackling the double header as planned. I'm going to run the 7 miles of pace work at 6:04 instead of 5:54, which will hopefully make running 5 miles of pace work on Saturday that much easier. This is an area where having someone checking on my progress really helps. I would be more inclined to keep trying to fire away at 5:54 pace (as I mentioned here), but the coach who has been helping me along seems confident that those extra seconds will come down naturally with the addition of speedwork. He's been right so far so why argue.

Training: 10 miles, 1:08:29, 6:51 pace

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Phil said...

Great to hear that you're feeling better. Good luck tomorrow. Looking forward to reading the post. Although 5:54 sounds so much better, 6:04 is really an amazing pace.

And stay away from those coyotes. They always make me nervous when they start following me.