Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Battle for the Backyard

I win. It took wolfing my dinner down last night and getting as much earth moved as possible before sunset, then another two hours of grading, smoothing, raking, planting and dressing (the seeds, not me) this morning to finish, but the ryegrass is in. Getting up at 4am and doing most of my last hill workout in almost complete darkness made it all possible. Luckily my friend the security guard was not on duty, and after 6 miles of stumbling along the dark streets I made it through my four ascents and the accompanying windsprints at the bottom. Three weeks of hill workouts are now in the bag.

I'm supposed to join the Running Shop gang for 10K this evening but I've decided to bag it after evaluating how my back and upper body are feeling from my recent landscaping foibles. I'm also short on sleep, I haven't gotten to see the kids much, and I'm running long tomorrow. There, that's a long enough list of excuses. The old me would probably just pile the evening run on top of everything else, but I'm really trying hard not to overdo things with the 10 mile race coming up on Sunday.

I'm planning on an easy 20 miles tomorrow, then probably 10 on Friday and 6-8 with some strides on Saturday, which will hopefully leave me feeling fresh for the race. It's hard getting the ingredients mixed in exactly the right ratio, especially for a race I'm not peaked for. However, I followed a similar regimen during the week of the 8K and things ended up working out fairly well.

Work is calling, so that's it for now.

Training: 12 miles, 1:33:15, 7:46 pace, hill repeats with 3 minute effort, plus 3x100 sprints at the bottom, all x4


Lawrence said...

Those aren't excuses. Listen to your body, you've been putting in some serious training. You're body and mind will thank you for the rest this evening.

Anonymous said...

Good job on letting yourself recover, especially with the race.

Rye grass... I kicked that one around for a while but decided better to bow out now then try to think of excuses all winter for not mowing. I mean, I didn't do it because of the water restrictions, yeah, that is it. Rye grass sure looks beautiful tho!

D said...

Mike, you are welcome to come by and work on my yard any time. You seem to be a pro at it. I use the "I'm too busy excuse" which embarrasses me when I read about the amounts of running you do and all the handywork and painting you do.

Marc said...

Yard work is dangerous when training. At least that is what I try to tell my wife. She's not buying it though.

Good luck with the upcoming race.

Mike said...

With the yard, it all comes down to me being too cheap to pay someone else to do it. The kids do love the grass though, so it seems like the least I can do for them. They don't like the ant bites that come along with the great outdoors though.

It did feel good to skip the run, eat dinner with the family and play a new board game with my daughter instead of driving home tired at 8pm and going straight to bed.