Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The First to Go

The legs were the limiter today. Even though I took it very easy on the hills yesterday during my first hill work out, the adductors and quads were a bit tired. I know you can't really force recovery, and trying a workout yesterday will probably set my recovery back an extra day or so. I'm just hoping to feel fresh by Friday.

In my mind I wanted to run 12-16 miles, and after noticing that my stride was a little awkward after 8 miles I settled for the former. I'm treating my hill phase as more of a transition phase this time around, which means that in addition to the short 100's I'm doing at the base of the hill during those workouts I'm working in some accelerations lasting 1-2 minutes during the other runs of the week. Hopefully this will get me ready for some of the harder anaerobic work to come in three week's time. Today I did two pickups of 35 seconds or so (200's in my mind) after 15 minutes, one pickup of 75 seconds (400ish?) at 30 minutes, 6x100 strides at 45 minutes, then a repeat of the first set at an hour. These were not as fast or as relaxed as I would have liked, but between the hills yesterday and the race on Sunday I didn't expect much.

My adductors seem to give me the most resistance during both speed training and hill work, and if you're a regular reader you know that these are what seem to fail first during the marathon. The sensation of just not being able to pick your feet up for a forceful stride seems to grab me somewhere between mile 16 and 21, and the burning seems to start in the adductors. I'm not sure why these are the first to go, but I guess it's a good sign that they get sore from both speed and strength training as it means they're working. The only thing that concerns me is that in the past they've ached enough to almost suggest an inguinal hernia, especially when pain starts to refer up to my lower abdomen. I like to call this "mystery pain". No signs of this yet though, and truthfully I don't expect it.

Here's a glimpse at a rough schedule for the next three weeks of hills-
Mo: Hill workout, 3 minutes strong hill running, plus 90 seconds cruising to the top, followed by 3x100 strides at the bottom x4, about 10-12 miles
Tu: 60-120 minutes with 4 sets of 1-2 minute pickups
We: same as Monday
Th: 70 minutes, with 4 sets of 1-2 minute pickups
F: 10 miles with 7 at marathon pace
Sa: easy long run or 10 miles at 6:45 with 7-10 miles at MP
Su: 70-90 minutes with 4 sets of 1-2 minute pickups

I'm expecting at least one evening run during the week, and I'm hoping to keep the miles at 90+ for this phase. This should be fun.

Training: 12 miles, 1:24:00, 7 minute pace

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Scooter said...

Thanks for the comment. I haven't been as good as I should have been about keeping up on your blog. Congrats on the PR! As an old guy, I'm pretty sure the days of true PR's are behind me, but recent PR's are possible, and (contradicting what I just said) I've decided to try to run the first sub-5:00 mile of my life once I get my feet healthy. Keep up the good work.