Monday, October 16, 2006

Moving On Up

I spent Sunday driving up to Phoenix to pay my parents a visit with daughter Haiden as my sole companion. A day spent with these nice folks gets you an afternoon in the park, two carousel rides, an ice cream, an indoor playground, a solid dinner and more ice cream. Haiden had fun too.

Sunday also finished off week two of three of my hill/transition phase, so Lucas and I knocked out just under 13 miles in 90 minutes. I expected to feel broken from the long run the day before, but after a few slow miles at the start I felt right as rain. The air was cool, and we probably got down to 6:30 pace or so by the end. I'm bouncing back from the workouts better and faster than ever before, which hopefully bodes well for December. Here's how the week shook out-

10/15, 12.8 miles, 1:30:20, 7:04 pace
10/14, 23 miles, 2:34:21, 6:43 pace, tired at the end
10/13, 10 miles, 1:02:50, 6:17 pace, w/7 miles at 6:01 pace. Good day
10/12, 10 miles, 1:09:40, 6:58 pace, 2 sets of pick ups (2x200, 1x400) sore calf/ham
10/11 pm., 6.2 miles, 43:43, easy
10/11 am., 12 miles, 1:34:31, hill circuit w/3 minute effort & 3x100 windsprints, x4
10/10, 10 miles, 1:04:46, 6:29 pace, 4 sets of pick ups (2x200, 1x400, 10x100, 2x200)
10/9, 12 miles, 1:36:00, hill circuit w/3 minute effort & 3x100 windsprints, x4
Total miles: 96 in 8 sessions

I'm hoping stretching out the hill days to 12 miles and getting in some longer runs will either extend or at least hold my current level of endurance, and I'm looking forward to diving into some faster efforts after the hill phase ends this Sunday with a 10 mile race.

Today's run was pretty much a carbon copy of last Wednesday, though the trucker bomb was gone. Unfortunately, that annoyance was replaced by a morbidly obese security guard at the top of Sabino Mountain. Apparently the entire 1/2 mile road spiraling up to the gated community where he was planted is private property, and he let me know as much. First time up it was a small hassle, the second time up he was occupied and just glared at me, and the third time up he gave me the business. I told him there wasn't a sign posted at the base of the hill with "no trespassing", but he assured me there was. I muttered something about "go ahead and call someone if you want, I'm just running" and headed back down. To save myself a fourth encounter I cut the easy section at the top of the hill short the last time and turned around as soon as he was in view. Wednesday is my last workout on the hill, so I guess I only have to put up with this one more time.

Training: 12 miles, 1:33:13, w/3 minute effort uphill and 3x100 strides at the base, stir and repeat 4 times


Blaxabbath said...

Fuck that faux-pig. Tell 'em to move the gate and guard shack to the bottom if they own the entire length of the hill. What? Private communities are now fighting the war against trespassers on the trespassers' grounds? Brilliant move -- that whole taking the battle to the enemy always works so well.

Hook up a link to the location of this hill and I'll go hit repeats all over that bitch...and I HATE inclines. I think everyone in town should start running up that thing.

Eric said...

I'll f-ing fly down there just to run that hill. Especially if the fake pigs have a fake jail they can stow me in while they try to break me down.

This reminds me of the scene in Grosse Pointe Blank where the security guard brings his gun to the high school reunion. Funny.

Phil said...

Like you really need some slob to tell you not to run a hill. Just what was he protecting anyway? Funny that you were in Phoenix on Sunday. I was in Tucson Sunday afternoon visiting my children.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

hehe! From the description, I'd like to see him catch you. Tell him you'll stop running to the top if he can catch you. it isn't like you have a spray paint can in your hand, you are just running. He just wishes he was a real cop.