Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mr. Independent

Sure he can feed himself, but he can't drive himself to the doctor. Our family practice has a punchcard promotion, so after Finn's visit today we only have to take him three more times to earn a free kidney.

Back on the hill for more repeats this morning. Aside from two big diesel trucks hogging the shoulder and idling on the side where I do strides in-between repeats the run was fairly uneventful. As far as form for the hill running goes, I've been working on exaggerated knee lift and leg drive for the steep hill running, kind of like a high-knees drill while slowly progressing uphill. The steepness of the hill keeps me from leaning back, and similarly if I lean too far forward I can't get my knees up to around my hips. All in all I look fairly ridiculous. I've also started to work in some bounding, where I try to cover as much ground as I can with each step up the hill. I really have to drive my arms to get my legs moving for this exercise, and after about 20 seconds of this I'm pooped enough to go back to slow, steep hill running. All in all these efforts last three minutes, then I spend another 90 seconds or so running easily to the top of the hill. Four repeats up and down, plus four sets of 3x100 strides at the base takes up five miles and 45 minutes or so. Add a 6 mile warm up and a one mile cool down and you have a fairly tough day. I'm kind of glad to only be doing this two times a week instead of three like I've done in the past.

Yes, the trucker bomb is still there. It has a burnt down and gnawed on Swisher Sweet to keep it company now.

Training: 12 miles, 1:34:31, scorching 7:53 pace overall; hill repeats w/3 minute efforts +3x100 at the bottom, all x4


Eric said...

Nice line about the free kidney. Laughing out loud, or OMG! as the kids say. Or 'what are you wearing' as the Congressmen say.

Reading about your workout makes me glad I am not in a hill phase. Good work.

Mike said...

You're glad you're not in a hill phase because you don't have any hills! I know you photoshopped in that one on your profile.

Seriously, I think the extra long warm up is what makes it a bit tough, but I'm trying to hold on to as much endurance through this phase as I can.

Just found out the boy has another ear infection. Same ear. We'll be hearing about this tonight I'm sure.

Blaxabbath said...

LOL is laughing at loud, eric. OMG is for Oh My God!!!

Others you may want to use in the future include LMAO (laughing my ass off), OMFG (you can figure that out), MB (my balls), and TTYL (talk to ya later). Congressionally speaking, just keep an eye out for, "A/S/L/Pic/Vid/Bi Cur?"

D said...

What a workout Mike - wow. Cute photo of Finn.

Anonymous said...

haha! I can feel my stomach muscles from laughing that hard.

I can't remember - did you run in college? We did a lot of bounding and hills in college & and camps. The trick for bounding IS your arms, so don't feel silly - pump those arms, you'll cover much more ground. Also, great training with the knees up. That is one of my favorite tricks. You really pick up your knees on the up hill and you cover more ground with less effort. I mean, still painful & hard, but in comparison. Then if practicing a full hill (we had an ampatheater where you go up, over and down) - push over the hill (everyone else rests and you pass them or make more ground) then also pick up your knees and lean forward on the downhill. If you go with it you don't hurt your knees and pick up serious speed without extra energy - just practice it so you don't feel out of control in a race. Then let the speed carry you as long as it will until you settle back into your pace.

Damn, now I want to go for a hill run. Just ate & it is getting dark - maybe in the morning :)

Eric said...

OMG! blax, I totally got that backwards! LOL! Thankers for setting me straight. TTYL!

The finest hill in our city is right out my front door. It was put there by the good people at the Army Corps of Engineers to keep the water out and spend the glut of taxpayer dollars from an overexuberant Clinton administration. Thankfully, we have our money back due to the Bushies. We're now living in a fascist meritocracy and don't have any rights anymore, but what can you buy with freedom?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Finn is growing up quickly isn't he? he seems to be much older than in previous photos.