Friday, October 13, 2006

My Kind of Rut

One day a week for 8 of the last 9 weeks I've done pretty much the same workout, which includes 7 miles around 6:04 pace. For the first month or so I really feared this workout, as the pace didn't often feel easy. Afterwards I would find myself feeling less and less confident about my ability to hold around 6 minute pace for the marathon in December. In the last few weeks my attitude has changed somewhat. As sick as it sounds, I actually look forward to this run now, as finally I'm feeling more and more relaxed for these efforts. A few rules of thumb the mystery coach has tossed my way come to mind here-

1) Workouts show what condition you are in, they don't make you into that condition.
2) How easily you recover from a workout is a better indication of your condition than the workout itself.
3)Always thank your wife in the blog for the scones!

I occasionally have problems remembering number 3, but the first two are on my mind today. While running the 7 mile effort I felt very relaxed and controlled, and the thought of 26.2 around this pace didn't seem intimidating at all. I felt right in the middle of a gear, with plenty of torque left to pick it up a little if need be. I also had trouble slowing down for the cool down, which is a good sign that the run wasn't too taxing. As far as recovery goes, the legs are actually feeling better now than they did after yesterday's run. With all the moaning I do about the days when I'm running on empty, it's nice to get a confidence booster like today.

As far as health in the home is concerned, no mystery pain since yesterday morning, Finn's fever and ear infection are improving, and Haiden is still on a sugar high from being left unattended at the dessert table of a pre-school potluck for a long 3 minutes.

Training: 10 miles, 1:02:50, 6:17 pace, with 7 miles at 6:01 pace


tb1 said...

Hi Mike,
Happy Anniversary although belated. I had a busy week so I'm just catching up with your blogs. The year is going fast isn't it? Racing will be here soon. Stay focused. Your training sounds solid. Don't forget to rest. Later.

Mike said...

Good to hear from you Tony. Are you doing Tucson or P.F. Chang's this winter?

tb1 said...

I'm not signed up for either but I'm training like I'll do one of them. Probably Tucson since it would be new for me. Gotta break 4 hours this year. I see you've picked up some new fans. That's great. Hope your family is well and happy.

Lawrence said...

"How easily you recover from a workout is a better indication of your condition than the workout itself."

This is a good one...

Anonymous said...

Point number 1 was bad news to me after yesterday long run but point number two was good news since my legs feel strong today without aches or pains. Point number 3 doesn't apply :)

Eric said...

Addendum to point #1:

The other workouts did. And this workout will put you in better condition for the next workout.

Workouts cause a 'training effect', and will improve your condition over time. I'm being scooter-tastically literal here, because I dislike logical fallacies.

That's a fast pace to be feeling comfortable at. Everything is coming together nicely. Keep it up.