Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Quick Ten

"Finn B" is back, though he's more of a B+. Since my wife doesn't really have allergy troubles, I took it upon myself to pass those specific genes on to both of our children. Haiden is through the worst of the change of season, but Finn and I are in the thick of it. He wakes up often coughing with a dry and sore throat, and this morning at 3 or so Kiera went in to take care of him when this happened. As a result, she was beat at 5:45 when I was about out the door for a run and just wasn't ready to get up for good. I pulled off the shoes and just sat with the little guy in the rocking chair next to his crib, and in the soft glow of the nightlight we read a few books and just hung out. Finally he was ready for a few more minutes of sleep so I put him back in the crib and tiptoed out. With work getting busier and the long list of projects to check off at home, I don't often just get to sit quietly with Finn. This is a shame, but I guess if I wasn't disappearing for 90 minutes or more daily to run this wouldn't be the case.

With the full house in slumber I hit the road at 6:45 for a quick ten miles. I had originally planned for a longer, slower run, but I had also promised Haiden I would take her on the back of the bicycle to preschool. While it was a little tough getting up to speed, by about three miles in I was down under 6:50 pace and I did the first of four sets of pick-ups. The rest of the run flew by as I kept the pressure on, and by the time I got back to the driveway I was feeling pretty good. In a perfect world I would have done a slow mile or two to cool down, but I had enough adventure ahead of me with the bike ride. Haiden and I flew down Sabino Canyon Road to her school, which sits at the bottom of a long and steady downhill. She loved the ride and of course can't wait to do it again. I felt the same way until I had to pedal my way back up and home.

Training: 10 miles, 1:04:46, 6:29 pace, w/4 sets of pick ups (2x200, 1x400, 6x100, 2x200)


D said...

Those are the moments that count - sitting there - just you and Finn reading and hanging out. I start each of my mornings with my G-S0N that way.

You are one cool dad - taking your daughter to preschool on your bike after a run!

Dusty said...

Ouch - I was thinking of that as you talked about the downhill. At least you didn't have an extra body on the bike for the climb up.

Sounds like some special memories with the kids.

Mike said...

The kids are great, though it would be nice if they were both healthy at the same time at some point before they grow up.

Phil said...

This was the best "Father" story I've read in ages. You're a great dad and I'm sure you'll remember this day for a long time.

Hope Finn is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I've had a similar experience with Lola a few weeks ago, at around the same time of night. The timing might stink, but it's great to spend some time comletekly alone with your child, just you and them.