Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shake it Out

I woke up this morning fairly sore all over from the yardwork, but the aches and pains were worth it when I looked out the sliding glass door to the backyard and realized I didn't have to do a damn thing out there after my run this morning.

I'm glad I skipped the evening run, as by two miles into my long run I was already down to my planned pace. 20 miles at an even, easy effort was the order of the day, and I spent much of it running various loops around my time trial courses and Sabino Canyon. After about ten miles the legs did start to drag a bit, and while slowing down didn't seem to help, speeding up a little did the trick. The best part of the run was the last mile home, which found me feeling fresh enough that I actually thought about stretching the run out a bit. Sunday's race looms off in the distance though, so I called it quits and was able to get breakfast down in time to take Haiden on the bike to school. These rides, which I'm trying to get in twice a week or so actually make the legs feel better after a run. With each passing day the long uphill between the school and our house after I drop H off flattens out a bit more. Good day today.

Training: 20 miles, 2:17:52, 6:54 pace


Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

A 20 miler followed by a bike ride including a nasty hill.

And you're calling it an easy day.


Eric said...

I think this qualifies you for having reached the 'near tireless state'. I think. Yeah, no, you have.

Holy crap, Mike. And you're just a year and a half into the plan! This brings to mind a quote:

"Mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce...HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
--Little Richard

I think that about sums it up.

Mark said...

Good job on your 20m!

Mike said...

Well now I'm just hungry Eric, so thanks. Thomas, the hill isn't Ventoux or anything, but with a big metal and plastic child seat waggling over the rear wheel it is a struggle in the granny gear.

Reading about Buddy Edelen's weekly 20-23 milers puts things in perspective, as he was absolutely killing these runs. Still, I'll take a good day like this when it comes along without complaint.