Monday, October 09, 2006

Uh Oh, Urine Trouble Now

The legs started out a little sluggish today, so an extra long 6 mile warm up led me to old, reliable Sabino Mountain Road for my 4 sets of Lydiard hill repeats. The road curves upward for almost 1/2 a mile, where an automatic gate is installed to keep the riff-raff (and goofy-looking, high-stepping joggers) out. At 6:30 am, the stream of vehicles heading down from this protected enclave of high dollar homes consists of Hummers, beamers and other high dollar vehicles on their way to work or to drop off their kids at school. Meanwhile, the cars climbing up the hill and queing up at the gate for interrogation mainly consist of large construction or landscaping trucks, on their way into the subdivision to maintain and improve these mini mansions

As I searched beyond the road's shoulder for the boulder I use as a start line I spied a plastic bottle resting against the curb. Sure enough, it was a trucker bomb, probably tossed on the way up to work by one of the trucks that buzz me on the way up the hill. I was lucky enough to get to run past this eight times, four times on the way up and an equal amount on the way down. At first it glistened in the morning sun, but as I passed it for the last time on my way down a chilling wind and fast moving clouds had moved in. Just as I was trying to decide which way to run my last set of windsprints the hail started. After several days in the 90's last week this weather was strange and unexpected. At first the hailstones were few and far apart, but soon enough the clouds opened up and the volume and velocity of these annoying projectiles left me sprinting for cover. After getting beaned multiple times on the head and shoulders I finally found shelter under the awnings of a nearby gas station until the storm eased.

All in all it was a strange and wild morning, and I was glad to have the workout over. I bet that bomb is still there Wednesday, and I'm not touching it if it is.

Here's how last week ended up:
10/8, 14.5 miles, 1:43:45, 7:11 pace
10/7, 19.25 miles, 2:07:30, 6:37 pace, 10 miles at 6:43, 5 at 6:04, 2.5 at 6:44. Dead
10/6, 10 miles, 1:04:42, 6:28 pace, w/7 miles at 6:01 pace. Good legs
10/5, 10 miles, 1:09:30, 6:57 pace, w/4 pick-ups
10/4 pm., 6.2 miles, 44 minutes or so
10/4 am., 10 miles, 1:22:30, hill circuit w/3 minute effort & 3x100 windsprints, x4
10/3, 12 miles, 1:24:00, 7 minute pace w/4 pick-ups
10/2, 10 miles, 1:23:00 or so, hill circuit w/3 minute effort & 3x100 windsprints, x4
Total miles: 92 in 8 sessions

Training: 12 miles, 1:36:00, with 4 hill circuits and 4 sets of 3x100 windsprints


Andrew said...

I think I've got it! The pattern in your training I mean. I've got! I've got it!

Of course it helps now that you've switched to the hill phase...

Great week, Mike. You're working hard.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

wow, what an interesting run this morning.

Scooter said...

"I bet that bomb is still there Wednesday, and I'm not touching it if it is."

Like you would have on Tuesday? And with the way many bottles are made, it might be intact for months or years, working its way into the storm sewers, rivers, and perhaps to the ocean.

Mike said...

Yeah, the pattern last week was much easier to discern. Looks like I'm back in tweeds for three weeks in that respect. Thanks Andrew.

It was a weird run, and truthfully I'd love to get that "artifact" off of the road just so I don't have to look at it anymore. The thought of it popping open and spilling on my shoe if I kicked it down the hill is just too disgusting though.