Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unusual Intervals

I can't ever remember running an interval of 2K before, but since I was running alongside friend Lucas and following one of his typically unusual haiku speed sessions I figured what the heck. Here's a haiku from the warm up:

Night before the run
Tried mexican shepherds pie
Porta-potty please

Lucas was set to do a 2K with 3 minutes rest, followed by 3x400 with 200 rest in-between, followed by two easy laps then the whole damn thing again. I've been taking a longer recovery approach this time out, and I also like to keep the intervals at 600 plus, so instead I ran the 2K, rested about five minutes, then joined Lucas during his second 400 but turned it into an 800. A second five minute rest followed as I waited for Lucas to do the second 2K, and again I repeated the pattern with another 800.

2000 in 6:43
800 in 2:34
2000 in 6:37
800 in 2:30

With a four mile warm up and a 1.5 mile cool down I figure we ended up with about 10 miles with the recoveries included. The first 2000 felt very smooth and easy, and the first 800 felt fine but not great. The second 2000 found Lucas trying to bury me as I trailed a little at 1200, and when we came through about a mile in 5:18 I almost called it early. I stuck to my guns though and the resulting 6:37, while probably a bit too fast, felt great at the end. The last 800 in 2:30 came off a quarter of 76, so I was moving pretty well for the last 400 of it. At this point the legs felt done, and with 5600 of quality it felt time to call it a day.

While the legs felt quite dead during the short cool down, they are absolutely buzzing right now. It's easy to see how one can overdo this phase of training, as running fast after so many miles of moderate paces feels intoxicating. Easy day tomorrow in preparation for the early back to back sessions starting Thursday.

Again scones were waiting when I returned, and as usual they were delicious. Powered by their goodness I pedaled Haiden off to school, and while climbing the hill on the way back in 65 degree temperatures I realized that things can't get much better than this.

Training: 10 miles, including intervals of 2K, 800, 2K, 800 with LONG recoveries. Good day


Eric said...

I like the haiku
It reminds me of fun times
Using the toilet

Nice workout, Mike.

Mike said...

Now that's the spirit Eric. Just when I think I'm above such potty humor, I slip right down to the bottom again.

Phil said...

Now you can add poet to your other accomplishment.

Great workout.