Friday, October 20, 2006

Wait...Did I Just Run?

Annoying feel-good post ahead, proceed at your own risk. Honest to god, when I pulled off the shoes after 9 miles this morning I felt exactly the same as when I'd put them on just over an hour ago. The cool, dry air left my clothes almost dry, my breathing wasn't at all labored, and I was quite ready to go out and run again. The goal was strictly easy recovery after yesterday's 20 miles, as I'm trying to rest up for the 10 mile race on Sunday. I ignored the watch and headed out into the dark over the same roads and trails I ran yesterday and just enjoyed the quiet, cool morning. The one concession I made was to skip the strides I had planned, as the top of the third and fourth metatarsals are a bit sore. I think this is due to yardwork, as the slides I wear in the yard dig in right where the soreness appeared when I'm squatting or kneeling. It's nothing a little ibuprofin can't fix, but I didn't want to aggravate it by getting up on the balls of my feet too much this morning.

It's nice to feel good in the days before a big race, and the fact that I feel fresh after running for more than two hours yesterday is even more encouraging. This is a far cry from the days leading up to the last 8K race, where I felt completely dead during the run-up to the event. It was only when I was finally on the starting line that I felt ready to race.

Last year I ran 94 miles the week of this race, including a hill workout two days before and 8 miles pushing my daughter in the stroller the day before. I ran 56:09 that day, which equates to a 5:37 pace and a big PR. I think by getting my hill workouts and my long run done earlier in the week, and by dropping the weekly mileage total closer to 85 that I'm doing all I can to set myself up for a good day. Let's hope it's enough.

Training: 9 miles, 1:05:14, 7:15 pace. Didn't even break a sweat.


Mark said...

That's a good recovery run and indicator of what's in store for this w\e's race. Cool race btw; I checked out the video and first viewed Tucson in my life in those few minutes. Look's real nice.

You just may break my Open 10M PR Sunday! I hope you do, as it will geve me something to shoot for as a Master.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read about someone feeling that good after a workout. I hope this new plan of attack pays off for you - I think it will. Good luck!

Duncan Larkin said...

Mike, good luck in your race Sunday.