Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Big Nothing

Second summer in Tucson. Gotta love that ryegrass.

I might get out for a short, easy run this evening, but so far a big zero for the day. The last time I was in this position was July 29, when I was easing up for a half marathon in Chicago that never materialized. The coach had scheduled this as an off day, but after pestering him enough I did get his blessing for a short run, though sleep is the priority right now. Unfortunately, no one told the kids this, as Haiden and Finn each woke up twice. Kiera and I split duties on this, but nonetheless it made for a long night. Fortunately, both kids then slept until 7:30, which allowed me to sleep later than I have since...hmmm, how old is Haiden again?

A morning conference at Haiden's school and work afterwards eliminated any chance of a morning run, and I should probably take the whole chain of events as a sign to just take a pass on running today. However, we'll see how things go this evening. As I pack up and sort out the remains of the art show the posts will remain short for a few days. Enjoy the day.


tb1 said...

No running today? Well, there goes the last 6 months of marathon training right down the drain.

Phil said...

Another great pic Mike.

Sleep and young children don't go together; however, you'll find that you are getting more sleep as they get older. Of course that also means you go to bed way before they do and get up at hours of the morning they don't know exist. That part takes a bit of trust. Glad to hear you sort of got a day off.

Scooter said...

Nice Hat! Happy Thanksgiving!