Friday, November 17, 2006

Busy Busy

It was hard getting out this morning after a long day at work yesterday, but since I had the first of my back to back efforts scheduled I couldn't just hang around drinking coffee. Ten miles with six at 5:54 pace was the plan, and after about two and a half easy miles I hit the watch and got right to it. I'm starting to fine tune where I hope marathon pace to be, so I tried to pay close attention to how the legs and lungs felt as I drifted along. Unfortunately I had spent the evening moving furniture out of the gallery where I work, polishing the floors, then moving it all back into the gallery, so the legs were not too happy. Still, outside of that sluggishness things went well, and the body fell into a steady rhythm at 5:52 pace. While I was technically a little fast, this just felt like "the pace" for the day. The only time the breathing got a little heavier was just past mile 4, which coincidentally was where the cumulative pace dropped to 5:51 for a bit. As soon as I backed off a touch and got back to 5:52 things were quickly put back in check though, so I didn't worry too much about it.

Tomorrow is set for 12 miles, with the first seven at 6:45 pace and the next five at 5:50. I'm hoping being a few seconds too eager today won't put me in the hole towards the end of this workout.

Crazy at work, so that's it for now.

Training: 10miles, 1:04:34, 6:27 pace, w/6 miles at 5:52 pace


Eric said...

Being able to feel a one second difference in pace is dialed-in. Good job.

You should nearly be able to catch a fly with chopsticks now. Geez.

Phil said...

Just loved the phrase, "... I tried to pay close attention to how the legs and lungs felt as I drifted along". I know you're fast, but does anyone just "drift" along while churning out 5:54 miles? Another great workout. Best of luck this weekend with the MP run.

Mike said...

It's not quite a "princess and the pea" thing with one second, as I use the "average lap" function and do all 6 miles as one lap. When it dipped from 5:52 to 5:51 around four miles in I'm guessing I dropped the pace to under 5:50 (1 second for each of the four miles).

Phil, honestly the arms felt worse from mopping the night before than the legs did this morning. It is nice to be feeling good though. Hope can say the same tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love Eric's chopstick analogy. Spot on! I'm am so impressed (not to mention a bit jealous) of how much control you have when you turn up the speed. I think, though, you need to dump the "mediocre" off of your introduction. Doesn't seem to apply to someone with a 2:39 marathon PR.