Saturday, November 04, 2006


My first of eight nights of putting the kids down to sleep without my wife seemed to have gone well. Finn likes to kick the wall next to his crib for a few minutes after being put down, but after banging out a few sentences of baby morse code he was out. Haiden had a cough but seemed fine enough, and she was soundly asleep at 7:30. I crawled into bad at 8:30, which was something I'd been looking forward to doing since finishing the long run that morning.

At 9:30 the screaming starts from 4-year-old Haiden's room. I know, I know, you've read more than enough about vomit on what is supposed to be a running blog so I'll keep it brief. A full change of bedding, one bath and two stories later we're back to even, although it's now close to 11. The poor sick girl is exhausted and so am I, and she's asleep again by the time I pull the fresh blanket over her.

12:30. "Daaaaaadddyyyyy!!!!" She's sobbing and soaked again, although my towels and containment devices have kept the damage to a minimum this time. A quick substitution of one blanket and a turn of the pillow will get us through the night, though the laundry pile seems humorously daunting for me only playing single parent for 7 hours so far. All Haiden wants to do is get back to sleep at this point, so I try to hurry things along.

Aside from an early wake up call from Finn, which is solved with a quick diaper change and some water, the night passes. Haiden is up at 6:15 and crawls into her mom's spot in the big bed, and we talk about how she's feeling. I'm guessing it was either something she ate or a quick stomach bug as she doesn't have a fever and she seems to be doing much better.

Kiera's mom comes by at 7:30, giving me time to get out for a slow ten miles before heading to work. For some reason my head is pounding, and I blame it on a poor night's sleep. It is beautiful here though, especially around Sabino Canyon where I spend much of the run, and while the legs are sluggish at first they finally come around at about 8 miles as the headache recedes. I've been advised by the Mystery Coach to either run 10 or so very easy in one session the day after these back to back efforts or to split the run into an easy double of 6 and 4. What seems to happen is that I'm quite ready to shuffle home after 6 miles, but if I keep at it a little longer I usually feel much better by 8 miles. From this point two more miles is easy, and I'm done without having to bug anyone to sit for the kids while I run in the evening.

Tomorrow I hope to end the training week with a workout of either 800's or 1000's on the track, though I might back off my target paces by a second or three depending on whether or not the legs are fully back from yesterday's effort. Don't expect a post as I'll most likely be knee-deep in children all day. Sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me, come to think of it.

Training: 10 miles, 1:12:28, 7:15 pace


D said...

Your Friday run reminded me of my 24 mile run last Saturday (albeit much slower than yours.) I LOVE these kinds of runs.

Eric said...

Man. Your kids are going to be tough as nails when they make it to adulthood.