Thursday, November 16, 2006

Do NOT Let Me do that Again

At 3:30 this morning I was absolutely convinced that it would be better to skip a track workout entirely rather than to ever set foot on the rock-track again. My lower back, glutes and hips were in full-scale revolt when Finn woke us up with a cry (we think he was cold since he went back down after Kiera gave him an extra blanket). The stiffness and soreness kept me from getting back to sleep, as did my worrying about the art show I'm working this weekend. Ordinarily work doesn't penetrate my thoughts while off the clock, but the three major shows we do each year are an exception.

Today's run was a break between the repeats yesterday and the last real back to back workout set that starts tomorrow. With this and the extra 10K I ran last evening in mind, I headed off at a leisurely pace with the goal of staying out for at least an hour. I found as much dirt as I could to give the bones a rest, and after the first two miles ticked by at 7:35 pace things started to speed up naturally. I ended up getting in ten miles, with the last four or so going by at a steady clip.

I'm excited about the next two workouts, as I'm finally running the back to back days at marathon pace or faster. Tomorrow is 6 miles at 5:54 pace and Saturday is 7 miles at 6:45 pace followed by 5 miles at 5:50 pace. These are shorter workouts, but the paces are certainly getting more serious. I'm working on finding out exactly what pace I'll be shooting for come marathon day, and by the end of this weekend I think I will have narrowed it down.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:10:30, 7:03 pace
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles, 43:50


Andrew said...

I've been reading and admiring. You are doing great and getting fast. Good luck on deciding what pace to shoot for in your marathon.

tb1 said...

I have to chuckle that your "easy" 10K still beats my PR by almost 2.5 minutes. You are in great shape. Keep it up.

Phil said...

Just read your post about Finn .. hope he is doing better. Sounds a lot like me when I was a kid (actually, I hope not for your sake)

Good luck this weekend on your MP workout. Your really finding your groove.