Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gone too Long

The wife has been gone since Friday, and while both kids are now completely well and sleeping better they are definitely missing her. Haiden's teacher reported that she seemed a bit sad at school and she had a tearful meltdown at lunch where she cried "I miss my momma!" for awhile. Our son Finn has had enough of me at bedtime (usually Kiera and I split up and she puts him down). We'd somehow misplaced his "Goodnight Moon" book, and while at first I thought that was the problem I'm seeing now that he's looking past me to the door. I'm sure he's thinking it will open anytime and his mom will be back.

Finn has been slow to start talking, and "daddy" is about all he says. He's kind of babbled "mama" before, but not in a way that's convinced Kiera that he's saying her name. Today I heard it clear as a bell and emailed this link as proof.

On the running front, I headed out this morning without any specific pace in mind. I wanted to be sure to recover before a day of "hill charging" tomorrow, but the legs felt good right out of the door. I ended up doing a progression run of 12 miles where I started at 7:15 pace and worked down to an average pace of 6:34. The legs are still feeling good, and a second night of more than eight hours of sleep is only making things better. Have a good day.

Training: 12 miles, 1:16:48, 6:34 pace


tb1 said...

Mike, that workout almost sounds like you're tapering. If it is, congratulations! I think the stars are aligning for an exceptional marathon for you.

I just posted on Phil's blog. I'm going to try and run him down (figuratively and literally) at the New Times 10K on Sunday. He's a little faster than I am so if I can hang, I might get a nice PR out of it.

Anonymous said...

Did you sit beside him for an hour, microphone in hand, trying to make him say "mama"?

There's one thing I've meant to ask for a while. Do you go running every morning without breakfast these days, or is that confined only to certain days/workouts?

Mike said...

Tony, good luck this weekend. That was the first 10K where I broke 40 minutes, so I have fond memories of it.

For some reason Finn seems super-receptive just after he wakes up, so when I go in there I usually try to get him to talk a bit since I'm such a nervous Nelly about development. Today it just worked while he was on the changing table, so I dragged him out to the Macbook, quickly opened up "Garageband" (a recording app) and gave him a little coaching.

I've eaten a piece of toast on one occasion and had a small bowl of cereal on one other day, but besides that I've headed out the door after only a cup of coffee since June 5. I have to admit I was nervous about it before the 25 miler last week, but I didn't have any problems.

Don't try this at home disclaimer: When I started this (after urging from Evan and others), it was at the very beginning of a mileage build, so I wouldn't suggest someone skipping breakfast in the middle of peak training.

Mike said...

Thomas, here's one of the articles that helped change my mind on the breakfast thing. I think Eric is doing the same thing.

Eric said...

Yes, I am. Just for a few runs a week. If I'm heading out for an easy or recovery run, generally I don't eat anymore. I still have a 1/2 cup of milk and cereal when going out for two hour plus runs. I get hunger pains about an hour into the run otherwise.

It's been working well for me. Probably too well. I had a blood cholesterol test a few days back and after a 14 hour fast and a sixteen mile run, produced an HDL level of 27. Normal is 45. So I guess I am burning fat pretty efficiently these days.

Lawrence said...

"Goodnight moon" -- my favourite book to read to my daughter....

Phil said...

Great sound clip Mike. That's way cool. I'm sure you miss his momma also. Margie came home yesterday and I couldn't be happier.

Great run this morning. It's fun just to go out and run from time to time.