Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm a Small, Small Man

Not running in the morning yesterday bugged me all through the workday. Would an easy run have helped me gain fitness at this point? No. Nonetheless, when the opportunity arose for me to get in an easy six miles before dinner I took it. A warm evening run in and around Sabino Canyon followed, and as the sun set mid-way through I was left with navigating the last half mile trail out to the parking lot in close to total darkness. Just feeling the blood moving through the veins at at a quicker rate and the feeling of a light sweat made any traces of agitation slip away along with the day's light.

I don't think I decided to run in some effort to keep a streak alive, but there is most definitely a psychological component to it. I'm at the point where leaving for work without getting out for some kind of run is like forgetting to brush your teeth- it bugs me and makes me even more difficult for others who have to deal with me.

This morning I took on an experiment proposed by Mystery Coach. Ever since he prescribed a few days of easy running instead of two previously planned workouts I'd been bugging him to run something fast. He relented with the suggestion of a mile of 50-50's, a Lydiard sharpening staple workout. Since I was on a time crunch (we were sitting for my brother's kids this morning) I couldn't make it to a real track, so I did the workout on the grass infield of the junior high's rock-hard track. I dropped a rock on the sideline at 0, 25, 75 and 100 yards. I jogged out to the first rock (25 yards), sprinted to the third rock (50 yards), then jogged 25 yards to the end, turned around and started again (continuing the jog to 50 yards before sprinting at the first rock). 31 U-turns aside, it was a good workout, and running this on freshly mowed grass made it quite easy on the legs. Hopefully this will get the legs primed for a good effort tomorrow at the Turkey Trot.

As far as plans for the race go, I'm treating this as my last V02 max-type workout before the race. Anyone who follows Pete Pfitzinger's training is familiar with the last 3x1600 workout ten days out from the marathon, and most programs have some sort of "blowing out the pipes" workout at a similar juncture. Most Lydiard schedules have either a 5000 meter or 3000 meter time trial here, so I feel I'm staying pretty close to the program while still representing for my team. As long as I can stay upright and not twist or tweak anything I figure I'll have a decent showing.

Training: Today, 7 miles, 50:20, 7:12 pace w/1 mile of 50 sprint, 50 floats
Yesterday, 6 miles, 42:12, 7:02 pace


Anonymous said...

Mike, have you checked the weather for CIM lately? Starting to look like one of those years conditions will be less than favorable...Damn.

Sun 12/3 Sacramento

Turning colder with rain. Winds from the SW at 14 mph.


Mike said...

Believe it or not, weather is probably the one thing I don't worry about. I have a date with destiny on 12/3, and it's still a go no matter how bad or strong her breath is that day.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck tomorrow; should be a blast!!! i'm hoping i don't get injured. i'm pretty sure i'm going to embarass myself :)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the Turkey trot have done as an anaerobic workout? Now you're doing two in succession, today's 50-50 and then the race.

Mike said...

I just didn't want to go four days in a row without some anaerobic stimulus, and with such a short effort (1/2 a mile total with 50 yard rests every 50 yards) I hopefully didn't fill up the legs too much. The purpose was to wake up the fast twitch fibers before the race, but not work them long enough to fatigue them. I guess tomorrow will tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

You jogged the recovery parts of the 50? Wasn't there a post in the monster lydiard/daniels thread on where they stated that the "recovery" part has to run fairly hard as well, i.e. 50 sprint/ 50 nearly sprint?

I do remember thinking that it would be a brutal workout.

Mike said...

On the oval these 50-50's usually have me a bit faster than 10K pace overall for 2 miles or so, and a bit closer to 5K pace for one mile. I try to "float" through the recoveries, mainaining my leg drive but easing a bit on the forward momentum. They hurt while you do them but after running an easy mile or so afterwards it feels more like you've just done a series of strides.

Big Brother said...

Hey - you were supposed to be watching my kids, and now I read that you were out playing with rocks at some school? Great. I hope you trip over a turkey today ... ;)

Vince A. said...

I am not sure about runners high, but on some physiological level I have come to believe it is addicting, so that you go through a mini withdrawal if you run every day and have to face missing one, and of course the taper is one big terrible shock to the system. Thats why we run every day. My race (Dallas) is a week after you, so here we go!