Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It Hurts to Say it . . .

but I'm not running today. Mystery Coach has both today and Friday scheduled as "off", and since he's been right about the hard workouts I'm inclined to follow his advice on recovery as well. I didn't stash away an extra running kit in the trunk in hopes of making it out to the evening run at the Running Shop, though I'd love to join them.

To keep my mind off missing a run I had promised our daughter an early trip out for a muffin, though we settled on a bagel place instead. As luck would have it the weather was actually quite nasty this morning with wind and rain, which made trading the usual run for a warm meal and a few cups of coffee with good company a pleasure.

My thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments about the upcoming race. The general feeling seems to be that I need to be patient and get myself to the last 10K in good shape, which seems like good advice. I do have an unexpected ally for the race in this gentleman, who was put in touch with me through Ian and Duncan. It seems this fellow is looking for a fast marathon and the two of us are shooting for the same pace, so hopefully by working together we can push each other to great races.

Well, without a run there simply isn't that much to write about today, though tomorrow will be my last workout to "run through the gears" before the race on Sunday. Have a good day.


j-rev said...

Good luck with the race, Mike. It's great that you'll have someone to run with for the race. That being said, be careful not to get sucked into HIS race -- he goes out too fast and YOU pay the price. You can do it in a 10 K, but the marathon is too tricky for that (as I'm sure you're well aware). You have to run YOUR race.

Enough preaching.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching you, and I'm confident that you'll post another fine performance. I have a number in mind, but it's based solely on gut feel off the blog, and doesn't include weather. Anyway, race smart! I'm rooting for you.

tb1 said...

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.
1 Corinthians 9:24

I may not be able to wish you luck before your race so....Good Luck.

Mike said...

Thanks J-Rev, though the Seebo-train could be the ticket to a great race. My three best half marathons were run with company, so I'm optimistic. That being said, I'm hoping we're both old and wise enough to do our own thing if one or the other isn't feeling it.

Thanks Scooter, I have a number in mind too but I'm trying not to tip my hand, hopefully running to the body's rhythm more than the clock will help this time.

Wise words Tony, thanks for the good wishes. I'll try to run smart.