Monday, November 06, 2006

Many Thanks

Quick post as the kids have me on the ropes today and I just don't have the energy. I don't want to go into details, but suffice it to say that last night was probably about the worst I've had since Finn came home from the hospital after being born. I was up so many times that it was almost comical...Almost.

Even though this is a tough week for me, I'm really thankful for all the help I've been offered. Angie has offered sitting, as have Lucas and Jason the Dragon. Kiera's mom has been a godsend this week, coming over early in order for me to keep up my training and taking great care of the kids. She's also been caring for both Haiden and Finn while I've been at work. Other family has been chipping in as well, as evidenced last night when my sister-in-law brought over pot roast, homemade mac and cheese, biscuits and dessert. This was a lifesaver.

I really do have a great support system, though sometimes I think I tend to take it for granted as much as I lean on my wife. With Kiera gone I've definitely learned to appreciate the friends and family I'm lucky enough to have.

Speaking of friends, after lamenting my occasional bouts of comically bad luck- the most recent of which was the realization that my free airline ticket to the marathon in December was not usable, Phil came to my rescue. I had the pleasure of meeting Phil after a recent 8K race here in Tucson, though we'd been emailing occasionally and posting comments on each other's blogs for some time. Phil was kind enough to offer up a free ticket for me to fly to the California International Marathon in Sacramento in December. Apparently Phil was an incredibly frequent flier in the not-too-distant past, but to spend some of his miles on some 35 year old, futilely chasing an eventual sub-2:30 marathon dream was an uncommon act of friendship and generosity. Thank you Phil, I hope I can someday find a way to repay you above and beyond breakfast and a car-load of scones on your next trip down (Kiera knows about the last part already).

Last but certainly not least on my appreciation list this week is the coach who has been helping me along through this training cycle. Thanks to him I believe I've gained more of an understanding of Arthur Lydiard's training during the past 14 weeks than I did in the last year. I also feel that I'm more fit than I've ever been, if somewhat sleep-deprived.

I did make it out for what I assume was a bit over 14 miles today. The Garmin would not wake up so I started out with a measured 8 mile loop with the stopwatch, which I covered at 6:55 pace. I stayed out for what I guessed was another six miles or so on unmeasured loops and called it a day at 1:37:00. The legs are feeling pretty good but I'm really hoping for some rest tonight. I'll recap last week tomorrow.

Training: 14 miles, 1:37:00, 6:55 pace or so


Eric said...

You know, usually I find your blog very pedantic and boring, mostly due to all the consistency, volume, and thoughtfulness that goes into your daily training. I'm always thinking, "this guy needs a day off and an X-Box!"

Today's entry was different for some reason. I don't know if it's because you left the Garmin at home and just guessed at your mile pace, or because you recently used some foul language on your blog. Either way, I'm lovin' it!

I could do without having to read the whole thankful, considerate thing that you do all the time, but that's just me. Sometimes I'd rather just read about you being overly critical of people who can't run as fast as you. Now that would be a good read!

Laurie said...

I disagree with Eric about not needing to read about your appreciativeness. It is always nice to know when we are appreciated, for small and big things. I am sure your friends and family feel good when they get mentioned in such a positive light. I know I always feel good to be mentioned on someone's blog.

I am still in awe of Phil's generosity. It may not be a big deal to him as giving away frequent flier miles is not the same as giving cash. But it is still a big deal and shows that good people do still exist.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Boo vomiting sickness! Yay Phil! Yay for support networks!

Just let me know when :)

Marc said...

One observation:Luck doesn't enter into it when friends and family are concerned - you get what you deserve, and you obviously deserve the best. It is also a reflection on yourself - it speaks volumes.

Now, if you feel burdoned by those pesky friends and you really do want to spice things up a bit, Eric has made a very good suggestion. I think I may even be able to guide you to someone who could lend a hand...

Eric said...

Just to be abundantly clear, I was being very sarcastic in the comments above. Bein' silly!

I was serious about the x-box though.

Phil said...

Everyone needs a support network. Following Mike's advice, I've PR'd at 5K and 10K and increased my weekly mileage from the 18-20 mile range up to 50-55. In addition, with his help, I gained the confidence to sign up for my first marathon. A ticket to Sacramento was the least I could do.

Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I really am fortunate, if not exceptionally lucky. Phil, you're giving me far too much credit, but if I am ever able to help I'm more than happy to share all I know (and perhaps make up some stuff I don't know that sounds good).

Eric, priceless as always. All you forgot was the beer.