Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mr. Mom

Day one of the back-to-back workouts this morning, which meant the usual 10 with 7 at 6:04 or so. I spent last evening running 7.5 miles with Lucas which included an unscheduled run to the top of one of the University's parking garages. We ran easy, but I was a little worried that the 18 plus miles total for the day would affect me this morning. When my two mile warm up found me trudging at 8 minute pace when I started today's run I thought the workout would feel tough, but once I got up to speed things started clicking along. I ended up averaging just under 6 minute pace for the 7 miles of effort, and as soon as I finished I checked my pulse and came up with 156. The last time I bothered to track down my "threshold" heart rate I figured it at 170 or so, though that was more than a few years ago. For the middle of my highest volume week of this build I guess being 14 beats under threshold after 40 minutes of effort is fine. Trying to add in heart rate to the pace numbers dancing in my head is just too difficult so I usually just ignore it, though I probably will start checking my resting heart rate in the last month before the race.

By the time I rode back after taking Haiden to school on the bike the legs felt like they'd had the day off. I'm hoping they feel the same after the long run tomorrow, which is set for 2:45 or so. With any luck this will stretch out to 24 or possibly 25 miles, so it will be interesting.

My wife is leaving for 8 days starting tomorrow afternoon, which will make the next week or so very interesting. Her mom has agreed to help with the kids while I'm at work, which will be a godsend, and I'm currently in negotiations with friends and family over additional babysitting duties so that I can fit my runs in. Frankly, the coming week scares me much more than any marathon.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:04:43, 6:28 pace, with 7 miles at 5:59 pace
Yesterday pm., 7.5 miles easy in 52:30 or so


Laurie said...

I can't wait to read about the Mr. Mom adventures next week. Now you will appreciate Kiera just a little bit more.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

let me know if you need babysitting assistance :)