Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nothing Better

Got out early today, well before the the sun or the kids made it up. I even brought along tunes for a change of pace, since I was out for a recovery cruise. Bob Mould's Workbook album seemed a perfect complement, and brought me back to 1989, which was when I graduated from high school.

I began this run by shaking out all the tufts of hair from a old sheet into the trash can. Kiera had cut my hair the night before, and we both remarked on how much more grey there seemed to be this time around. I felt old as the all the wiry grey hair fell from the sheet into the dumpster outside, and I wondered for a minute as I laced up the shoes just how much longer I can continue to improve at this sport before time inevitably takes its toll. Maybe Workbook wasn't such a good album to bring along after all.

After five minutes or so of running all of this was forgotten as the cool air filled my lungs and the last remaining bits of soreness and stiffness left my legs. I moved backwards through time over the nine miles, slowly at first and then incrementally faster as the run progressed. The crows feet around the eyes flattened out, the mystery pains shriveled up and disappeared, the blood drained from around the neuromas in the feet, leaving the impinged nerves unemcumbered.

I finished the run much younger than I started, and as I turned the music off and opened the garage door Mould's "Compositions for the Young and Old" echoed in my head.
"Things used to be so simple a long time ago, now everything is so expensive and complicated."

It doesn't always have to be. Just go for a run.

Training: 9 miles, 1:00:49, 6:45, forcing myself to slow down the last 3 miles


Anonymous said...

Great post, especially to a slowly ageing runner like me.

Mike said...

Thomas, if you've figured out how to age slower than the rest of us you'd better let us know how! Seriously, thanks.

Marc said...

Bob Mould. Now there's an artsist I haven't thought about in a long time.

You *are* getting old.

Now, before you get too worried about Old Man Time nailing your feet to the ground just think about Colleen de Reuck and what she has been able to accomplish beyond 40.

Anonymous said...

My mother always admitted her age openly and followed it up with "Aging beats the alternative."

Mike said...

Thanks Marc, and don't forget Patti Dillon. Chad, your mom sounds like a wise lady

Ron said...

Hey Mike,
I'm the triathlete-turned-runner guy that harassed you for advice a couple months ago.

The end of your post made me smile...reminded me of that great feeling I get every day out there on the trails, where the days' worries just melt away.
I hope you keep up the blogging, your consistency has inspired me!

Anonymous said...

Had a nice 3-hour chat with Nobby here in Japan yesterday... he said he's feeling guilty for not checking in on your blog recently, but will try to do so when he gets back stateside. He'll be part of Team Tosa at this Sunday's Tokyo Women's International Marathon.

Mike said...

Ron, nice to hear from you again. Take care of those calf muscles. "Anonymous", thank you for stopping by too. Nobby admitted as much to me when he was kind enough to call last week before heading off to Japan. Maybe I need to write more about running and less about scones to keep him interested! Wish him good luck for me and good luck to Tosa for the marathon. I thought she ran a brave and strong race at Boston, where she looked to be in charge of the pack for most of the race.

Greg said...

Wow, Bob Mould. I graduated high school in '89 also and went to see Bob Mould at the 40 watt club in Athens sometime during college. (This was with his "brand new" band Sugar. I think this was one of their first shows. Maybe the first?). I don't think I've recalled that fact in at least 10 years. Thanks for the memory.

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up, and good luck!

ian said...

Great post, Mike.
And I'm not even a slowly aging runner. In fact, I'm more of the "Sugar" Bob Mould era.