Monday, November 13, 2006

Taper in Disguise

I don't think many who reads this blog would say I have over-tapered for my last two marathons. In fact, if I took a poll I'm quite certain the opposite sentiment would be expressed by most. The coach advising me has noticed this too, and when he began writing me about his ideas on a longer taper I started to get nervous. I was dubious about a three week taper, but I decided that since the advice he has given me thus far has definitely been working, I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

It's only today that I realized he tricked me.

I'm actually doing closer to a three and a half week taper, which he managed to disguise by only highlighting the last three weeks on the schedule as such. I'm thinking back to my Friday and Saturday, which were both quite easy days. Yes, I was resting up for yesterday's big time trial, but in retrospect I was also starting to pull back for the big event itself by not putting in a day at 12 miles plus on one of those days. Coaches are sneaky.

Today Lucas came by for an easy 7.7 miles, and while I expected to feel pretty broken down I wasn't sore at all. The muscles did feel a bit "thick" though, so we kept the pace mellow. I'm glad to be feeling good.

Training: 7.7 miles, 55 minutes, 7:08 pace


Eric said...

Ha! I'm glad someone finally figured out a way to make you taper correctly.

tb1 said...

You will see the results on 12/3

Anonymous said...

I can't recall anyone ever complaining that they tapered for too long after a good training buildup, so I think you will be just fine as long as you stick to that taper and don't try to cram. There is nothing you can do to your fitness with three weeks to go but wreck it by over-training. Everyone here is right, you will see on 12/3.