Sunday, November 19, 2006

Taper, week one of three

A few of the train cars started to tip off the tracks this past week, but hopefully a quick change in direction will put things back to right. Here's how the week went down-
M: 7.7 miles, recovery from time trial
Tu: 9 miles, ditto
We: 10 miles, w/4x1000 in 3:14, 3:14, 3:16, 3:14
We: 6.2 miles easy
Th: 10 easy
F: 10 miles w/6 at 5:52 pace
Sa: 14 miles, 7 at 6:44 pace followed by 5 at 5:49 pace
Su: 11.5 easy
Total: 78 miles in 8 sessions

My troubles started when I made the mistake of running on pretty much a concrete track for intervals on Wednesday, which really put the hurt on my glutes, hips and lower back. I was short on time, but I should have held off and just run these in the evening on a better surface. I would have missed the slow evening run, but that really offered no training benefit.

My second mistake was not arranging my week to take into account the three days I spent working 12-14 hour shifts at work. My job usually involves sitting, talking and typing on the computer, except for short bursts like these when we have an art show and I'm forced to stand, move furniture, mop, and do actual work. Doing my last back to back marathon pace workouts on day two and three of these shifts was unwise at best. I never told the coach about these three days, so we didn't think to reschedule my hard training days around them. As a result, while I was able to finish the Saturday run on pace it ended up taking way more out of my physically than it should have. This run felt like work.

As Lydiard always said, "Everything matters". The training pattern needs to weave in and out of the life pattern, and I threw things out of balance in that arena this past week.

All that being said, an easy run with friends this morning seemed to bring both my head and my legs back to where they belong. Having eight hours of sleep in the bank and being finished with the art show made getting up a pleasure this morning, and I spent a bit over 11 miles happily running in a group of 6. We wound through the neighborhoods by our house at a relaxed pace and shared stories, and Kiera greeted us afterwards with a tray of scones. Even though I had to spend most of the day at work, things just don't get much better than this.

The coach is suggesting a general backing off this week after learning about me burning the candle at both ends a bit from Thursday through Sunday. I know he's right when he says I won't lose a thing by doing so, but I'm feeling so good at the moment that I can't wait for the next workout. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Training: 11.5 miles, 1:23:05, 7:14 pace


Yvonne said...

so, do you tend to obey your coach on these occasions?
just how exactly do you fit all this in to your life??!

Mike said...

Yvonne, if I can get it all done (running) by 7:30 or so things go fairly smoothly at home. As for work, we really only have three or four of these shows a year. I try to just suck it up when it comes around and remember how good I have it the rest of the time (10-5 workday most of the year and 4 day workweeks for a few months in the summer). Trust me, it's much easier than waking every few hours with a two month old! Hope things are going well for you.

I honestly believe the coach who has been kind enough to help me has taken my running to a much higher level this cycle than I ever would have been able to on my own, and along the way he has explained much about Lydiard's training. I think I'd be foolish not to listen at this point. He sets nothing in stone and adapts the training depending on how I respond to it, so things do change along the way-and I do take some liberties with overall mileage depending on how I feel. It's been a fun learning experience.

Phil said...

You had a great week Mike under tough conditions. Your taper should simply breeze by in comparison. I hope mother nature is treating you much better in Tucson than what she's dishing out in Phoenix. Best of luck this week.