Friday, December 29, 2006

Always Take the Weather with You

Kiera snapped this pic of a snow-capped Sabino Canyon on our way to dinner at my brother's house last evening. This is a rare sight in Tucson.

After yesterday's frozen debacle of a run I was ready this morning with nearly-dry shoes, long sleeves, gloves and a hat. As you might expect, the weather was back to low 40's with only a slight drizzle and no wind (or snow). After three miles I dropped off the hat and gloves, and by five miles I was wishing for short sleeves. I ran by feel this morning, much the same as I have all week, trying to focus on how well I've recovered since the race. At 9 miles in I tried one mile at 6 minute pace just to test the waters, and the resulting 6:05 had me puffing a little for the last 400 or so. I'm getting there though. Work calls, so that's it for now.

Training: 11 miles, 1:13:56, 6:43 pace, w/1 mile at 6:05 pace 9 miles in


Blaxabbath said...

Dang. J and I decided last night that we weren't really feeling up to running in Sabino this morning. I think we made the right call.

Thomas said...

Low 40s is when I definitely go for long sleeves, but maybe you generate more internal heat at your pace.

Hope the rest of the family has gotten the better of the various viruses by now.

Phil said...

Great shot of Sabino Canyon Mike. Thanks for sharing. It's still way too cloudy up here to see the snow on the foothills north of Phoenix.

I think the low 40’s are a difficult temp for desert dwellers. It's way too cold at the start of a run for short sleeves (especially when it's overcast), but too warm by the time you get 6 or 7 miles into the workout.

Have a great weekend.

Running Rabbit said...

Nice photo!

Stephen Lacey said...

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Mike said...

Blax, I'm telling you it was beautiful. Maybe we'll crawl up a few hills together out there Sunday.

The kids are much better Thomas, so we've survived the most recent plague without any serious casualties.

Kiera takes better shots than I do. When I looked at iPhoto she said "you can tell when I handed the camera to you". Hey, blurriness is a photo technique too, isn't it?

Stephen, I thought Evan and I were the only blogger fans of Crowded House. Glad you caught the title and that you stopped by (loved the video and the other Finn and C.H. vids on the page too). It was truly sad to hear of Paul's passing.

Marc said...

Mike - Thanks for the photo. After reading so many times about the Sabino Canyon run, it is nice to see it - looks like a fabulous place to run.

Crowded House? Now you are showing your age.