Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Don't Get Sloppy

Since the marathon I've gotten a little slack. Bedtime has switched from 8:45 or so back to 10, and I've been waiting until the kids get up on most days to get out on the road. I've even been drinking a beer or so a night, which certainly can't help things. This kind of schedule and behavior is fine when the running is slow, easy and short, but this week I'm actually approaching what appears to be genuine training. As a result, I need to start taking care of myself again, especially as the holiday baking starts to pile up.

I headed out the door this morning for 9 miles, mostly on the Slow Down loop. The legs had a hint of soreness from the tough uphill sections of Sundays run and the added sugar coating of a fairly brisk pace during yesterday's effort. As a result the first mile found my feeling a little creaky at 7:30 pace before things started to go right. I ended up just letting the legs do their thing and not checking the pace until the end of the run.

Work is a bit busy so that's it for now.

Training: 9 miles, 1:00:16, 6:42 pace


tb1 said...

Didn't Arthur advocate an occasional beer? I believe I read somwhere on the internet that he did. Anyway that's what I tell myself.

Evan said...

Yes, he did. But he disapproved of Snell smoking cigars after concluding a U.S. racing tour. There was little to no decent wine available in New Zealand when Arthur was in his prime, so we'll never know if the preference for beer reflected availability or real training benefits!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

a beer is good. a beer on the carpet...not so good.


Mike said...

Very funny Angie! I never even swore, just ask Kiera. As far as beer and Lydiard go, Evan's comment reminded me of a sweet remembrance of Arthur that Rich Englehart (HRE on letsrun) shared. Here's the link. Rich mentions an event where Arthur was stuck at a banquet with a macrobiotic spread.

"Arthur had been surrounded for much of the dinner by a group of lawyers and dentists trying to figure out how to run a sub three hour marathons without investing any time training to do so. Eventually, the lawyers and dentists drifted away and Arthur was left to himself, leaning against a wall diagonal to the one I was leaning on, eating the same cheese and rice thing I'd just finished.
He finished his as well, glanced at me and said, "Well. That was nice...whatever it was." I replied, "It was nice. But it would have been even nicer if there was some beer to wash it down with."
I'd said the magic word. "Beer!" Arthur answered, his eyes shining. "Do you know where there's beer?"

Phil said...

Nothing wrong with a beer a night.

Thomas said...

I agree with everyone. Nothing wrong with a beer every now and then.

Eric said...

Thanks for the link to that story. Hilarious, sad, and inspriring in places. Wonderful story.

I like the thing about Snell smoking cigars, Evan. I always thought it would be funnier than hell to light up a cigarette immediately following taking a win in a road race, take a huge drag without coughing, blow it out, then walk off the oxygen debt with hands on hips and a cig between your fingers.

Irony. It's what's for dinner.