Thursday, December 07, 2006

It Hurts Them Just as Much

Watching the leaders finish nearly 20 minutes before me at the California International Marathon last weekend puts things into perspective (thanks Mike for the link). There is real and measurable suffering here, and these guys show that it's possible to overcome the pain and stress that inevitably strike during the closing miles of a race this distance. These guys are champions and they inspire me.

Here's a pic of me and Seebo throwing down during the second half of the race. Handsome devils, aren't we? Much of the second half of the race found us running through this beautiful foliage (well, beautiful for a guy used to looking at cacti), and while my shoulders are looking a bit tight I was feeling good here.

I ran 10K last evening with the running shop gang, mostly to see Lucas and blather about my marathon. We probably ran about 7:40-7:45 pace, but I certainly didn't want to go any faster. Afterwards we grabbed a sandwich together and convinced each other not to run this morning. My right calf and soleus are more sore than my left, and hopefully a day off will help. I'm finally taking my own advice here as far as backing off when a warning sign appears instead of trying to run through it. With luck it's just residual soreness from the race and it will be gone tomorrow (it's much improved from Monday already). If things aren't feeling right I'm not going to force them the week after a marathon.

Training: Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles at a blazing 7:40-7:45 pace. Yes, I almost got dropped at a social run.


Anonymous said...

You both look awefully strong in the picture for it being the second half of the race. And you are right, it is much better to listen to your body than it is to listen to some doctor tell you how you screwed up.

Oh, and what's this about almost being dropped. "Dropped" would assume that you were in some way "competing," not "recovering." Say it ain't so...

Anonymous said...

Oh, almost forgot, make sure to reward yourself and change the Marathon PR on the right column of your have earned that, too.

Good job!

Mike said...

Thanks Chad, I'd almost forgotten. As far as getting dropped goes, I was just loafing along at the back of the group while talking to Lucas, who is far to nice to tell me to speed the heck up. When I looked up we were gapped by some 10 yards. Luckily I was able to hobble back and make contact.

Anonymous said...

Great picture - I agree with Chad, you guys do look strong.

Kudos on listening to your body. I know you like to go out there and push it, but with the torture you give your body - it is smart to let it catch it's breath.

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog. :)

Phil said...

9:30, 8:20, 7:40 - Great recovery Mike (actually, an amazing recovery).

Thanks for the link to the race finish. Hard to believe they were 20 minutes ahead of you.

Duncan Larkin said...

I ran with Kassahun when I lived up in CT (I ran behind him, far behind him I should add). He was one of the Ethiopians that I had the honor to train with when I ran on the West Chester Track Club. Thanks for sharing that link. I was disappointed to see him lose at the tape, but I can tell that he gave everything. What a finish!