Saturday, December 09, 2006

Not a Good Idea

Finn kindly illustrating the title of this post while goofing off at Grandma's house

The leg is still not right after two days off, each with two sessions of stretching. I headed out the door thinking I would be cured, but the right soleus is still giving me trouble. I think it's possible the piriformis on the same leg is part of the problem, as that hasn't been feeling quite right either. I thought I would be running easily for an hour and enjoying being pain free, but after three miles I decided to call it a day. The pain wasn't getting worse, but it also wasn't getting better. With no races planned until the end of January, I think it's better for me to be extra cautious at this point.

I think part of my problem comes from not taking the advice I'd given Thomas about adapting to the lower heel height of a "performance" trainer like the Asics DS trainer versus the higher heel height of the everyday trainers (in my case the Brooks Adrenaline with a Spenco insole). I advised Thomas to run at least one long run in the race shoes to make sure the extra calf extension wouldn't cause any problems on race day. While I did this during my last build up, it left me with fairly worn shoes when I pulled them out of my bag on race day. In order to save them from too much abuse this time I had only used them for shorter races and a few sessions on the track. One long run probably wouldn't have made that much of a difference, but it's something to think about.

Another possible cause of this tightness/soreness is the stretching thrust upon me after the race when I really wasn't ready for it. I'll admit it, I never stretch. With this in mind, allowing another party to twist my legs this way and that after a marathon was probably not wise. He did execute a calf stretch on both legs, and I remember asking for less pressure on the right leg (the one that's sore now).

Since walking doesn't cause any pain I'll be doing some of that in the evenings, and I'll continue stretching and ibuprofin in the meantime. I'll run when I feel like it for the next week (or not), and hopefully by the 16th or so I'll be ready to get back to it.

Training: 3 miles at 7:50 pace


Anonymous said...

Following your advice I actually did 2 long runs in the DS trainers. I think they really helped, and the heel support was not an issue for me.

Having said that, I would imagine that the stretching might be more likely to be the culprit. It could of course be both things together.

Get better soon.

Omniscient said...

Dude, we hook you up with a discount at the Shop for a reason. There is nothing wrong with having two pairs of the DS for racing and one for training.

See you this evening.

Eric said...

I'll chime in on the calf issue since I'm an old pro. First thing I would do is scratch the ibuprofen and substitute ice 3-5 times a day for ten minutes. The ice will relax the spasm in the muscle and promote blood flow, as opposed to the ibuprofen, which is restricting blood flow to the muscle.

Ibuprofen reduces pain and inflammation, which is generally why people take it. However, the way it does this is by restricting blood flow. This prevents prostaglandins and other stuff (good and bad) from making their way into the damaged areas of the muscle. It also slows the progression of waste products out of the muscle, also a Bad Thing.

If you truly need something for the pain, Tylenol is preferred. I'm guessing you don't, so just stick with ice a few times a day. You should see a big difference. The stretching is not so important right now, when you are hurting. It's better to stretch it lightly a couple of days after it stops hurting, and after you're warmed up.

And remember, I was right about the duct tape, so how could I steer you wrong?

Omniscient said...

I retract my statement about the DS Trainers as I don't have two kids, a wife, and a mortgage.

Also, please don't run the half!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried a massage? There are some good leg massages for athletes and runners. Maybe it would help.


Hang in there & listen to your body. Enjoy the time with the family. :)

Anonymous said...

Just be healthy enough to knock out the group run next Wednesday -- we're gonna blow the old chicago gift card from the Trot afterwards!

Phil said...

On the bright side, with no long runs planned, you've got more time to spend with your kids and wife this weekend.

Hope you're legs are feeling better real soon.