Thursday, December 14, 2006


Looks like there might be some actual training in the cards for me next week. Mystery Coach let on that a possible hill workout and perhaps some longer intervals will appear, so I spent today trying to feel out the body to make sure I'll be up to the challenge. To that end I decided to run up to the end of the road in Sabino Canyon, which climbs about 550 feet over 3.7 miles.

I think I'll make this a weekly event now that the road through the canyon is open to the top (it was closed for some time after the summer floods). With its short and long climbs on the way up and it's gradual and steep descents on the way back it helps simulate a cruel course made famous by Arthur Lydiard and his runners.

This is the elevation chart for the famous Waitakere Mountains course (thanks Coach). This 22 mile run was a weekly staple for Arthur's boy's, and it no doubt helped give his runners "impact proof" legs, which is something I crave after my last marathon over a downhill course. Of this run and the aerobic development is fostered Lydiard said, "We had to obtain the best possible result in the limited time that we had and the best way to develop aerobic capacity was to train at higher aerobic speed. My runners did a very hilly 22-mile course, with one hill of three miles, somewhere around 2:10 and 2:15. We used to do our Monday 10-mile run in about 55 minutes. They were all aerobic running, but we weren't mucking around at all." While my 8 mile run today pales in comparison to this 22 miler, hopefully enough running on hills (above and beyond the hill phase) will help me buffer against the havoc they can play on the legs on race day.

Speaking of havoc and legs, the hip flexors were sore again today. While it's not particularly bad, it did have me feeling like I was running while sitting in a bucket. I felt like I was having to pull my legs forward from underneath and and behind me rather than forcefully striding by driving the knees forward. It's getting better though.

Training: 8 miles, 56:40, 7:05 pace.

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tb1 said...

I love those Lydiard quotes. This guy was all about getting it on. Very inspirational.