Thursday, December 28, 2006

Run Like an Idiot

I sat at my desk in the kitchen this morning typing out emails while I waited for a break in the winter storm outside. At about 7:30 I couldn't really hear the drops falling, so I quickly put on a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt and ventured out.

Living in Tucson means not having to own any rain gear, and never having to run in a jacket. The previous sentence is no longer valid after today's run. As I closed the garage door behind me and ventured into the street I noticed why I couldn't hear the rain- it was now sleeting outside, which doesn't make as much noise when it's being blown by an arctic wind. I thought about retrieving my gloves, hat, and a long-sleeved shirt, but since all said items would be drenched in minutes I figured I'd probably be more comfortable in what I was wearing.

About a mile from the house I couldn't feel my toes from stomping through freezing-cold run-off, and as I turned into the wind I noticed my hands were turning pink. I finally turned back out of the wind and headed down to do laps of my one mile course in an effort to keep from running into the wind for prolonged periods. A sane man would have just called it a day here, as this decision brought me within a quarter mile of the house. One loop became two, and for a minute or two I thought I was starting to warm up a bit. Those thoughts were drenched along with the rest of me as I turned west and back into the bitter wind. One more lap, how bad can it get? When I finished 6 miles I stopped for a moment, torn between heading back to the house and gutting it out for another mile. When I started shaking I made my first good decision of the day and jogged it in.

Note to married guys who abandon their wife (who has pink eye) and two children (4 infected ears between them, including one ruptured eardrum) to run in icy rain: Do not enter the house soaking wet and shivering with hunched shoulders and a sad, puppy-dog look, expecting sympathy. "You ran twice yesterday," Kiera had said earlier as I was looking with dread out the window pre-run. "Why not skip today?" As I stood in the shower emptying the hot water heater while waiting for my bright pink hands to return to their normal color I realized for the millionth time that my better half had been right.
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Training: Today, 6 miles, 40:55, 6:49 pace. Brrrrrrrrr
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles, 44::15, easy with the Running Shop gang


Eric said...

It looks like the old feed addresses are attached to any of the bloglines cached entries prior to the new feed address being added. In other words, if someone searches for and finds a post on bloglines that was written in, say September 2006, then clicks to add the feed, they will get the old address. There doesn't look to be a lot you can do about it.

However, it looks like 15 of the 30-odd subscribers you had are already sub'd to the new feed, so I don't think it will be a problem.

Shitty weather there. At least it won't hang around long. I'll send you a jacket.

Mike said...

The guy in North Dakota is offering sympathy regarding the winter conditions in Tucson, Arizona. This is most certainly a sign that the end is near. Thanks for the Bloglines hints, I'm guessing you're right.

Andrew said...

Sounds like some classic Maine weather.

Evan said...

Rain and anything less than about 45 is about the most miserable winter weather for running. The snow we have in the upper Midwest is comfortable for running, but global warming seems to be giving us more rainy winters than in previous years which just sucks.

D said...

I am a pathetic Blogger who relies way too heavily on Bloglines. Maybe it is time to get a running jacket just in case you have any more of this type of weather. . . I can't imagine NOT experiencing this type of weather at this time of the year. I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'll trade you're little bit of sleet for yesterday's -5C and all out

At least today is warmer and sunshine but there is 10cm of fresh flakes on the ground.

Happy Holidays.

angie's pink fuzzy said...




Michael said...

Too funny, I love it! I was laughing (& thought of your blog) when I stepped outside for this evenings run, albeit in dry conditions, for what feels like the first time in months.

Thanks for the link on singles vs. doubles; that seems to be a topic that people could talk about at nausea.

Phil said...

My daughter called this morning from Tucson to report on the weather. Sounds like one nasty storm. We only got a gentle shower this evening in Phoenix.

Nice job getting out there. I would have closed the garage door and headed for the kitchen for another of scone.

Vince A. said...

I showed this post to my spouse, and she had no sympathy for you either... Doesn't work for me as well.

Ryan said...

Stopping by as I work on my links page...

"A sane man would have just called it a day here, as this decision brought me within a quarter mile of the house."

Sanity is boring. It's much more fun to freeze your fingers off.

I agree with a previous commenter. I'd much rather run in 30 and snow than 40 and rain. You simply can't dress right for those conditions.

It sounds like the running is going well. Keep it up.

Dusty said...

Burrr!! You were determined!

My link to your site that I set up a while back still worked.

Hope your family is feeling better!