Monday, December 18, 2006

Sorry Thomas

According to Thomas's last post the battle for post-workout bulge is on. While his wife filled him up with chocolate cake and scones, Kiera countered with her own chocolate chip and toffee chip coffee cake and chocolate chip scones with a layer of raspberry jam (she'll no doubt correct my description in the comments). To settle this once and for all we probably need a weigh-in pre-run and a second weigh-in post-meal. Kiera ended up feeding most of the employees of the Running Shop, as well as the manager of the new ABQ Running Shop in Alburqueque, New Mexico after a morning trail run over the Champions Loop. It was great to get off the roads and into the mountains for some steep ascents, which were followed by a fun, rolling descent down a dirt fire road back into town. While we only covered 7.5 miles or so, the whole trip took more than an hour.

Sunday evening ended the running week with a run through the biggest Christmas light display in Tucson, where the whole family ran 5K or so while dodging horse-drawn carts and their the inevitable road debris that horse-drawn anything leaves in its wake. Haiden and Finn enjoyed the ride while bundled up in the jogging stroller, and Kiera and I were able to catch up with our running friends along the route.

Here's how last week went down-
12/17 pm., 3 miles running through Christmas lights, no watch
12/17 am., 7.6 miles, 1:00:52, 8:01 pace, hilly trail run with friends
12/16, 7 miles, 46:46, 6:41 pace
12/15 pm., 5 miles, 7:30 pace, nice and easy recovery run
12/15 am., 6 miles, 41 minutes, 6:50 pace
12/14, 8 miles, 56:40, 7:05, hills, up the road in Sabino Canyon
12/13, 8 miles, 56:25, 7:03 pace, a little sore in the hip flexors towards the end
12/12, 7 miles, 48:39, 6:57 pace
12/11, 7 miles, 49:35, 7:05 pace
Total: 58.6 miles in 9 sessions

Today marked the beginning of my third week of recovery, though by the way things went I feel I'm getting close to being back in the game. After an easy mile at 7:30 pace I slowly worked down the pace over the next 8 miles to end up with a 6:30 per mile average by the time I started a one mile cool down. The legs felt very good.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:05:34, 6:33 pace, w/9 miles at 6:30 pace and a 1 mile cool down. Nice
Yesterday, 7.6 miles am., fun trail run at 8 minute pace, and 3 miles easy in the evening.


Anonymous said...

I shall carry the challenge to Niamh, even at the risk of putting on an extra stone or two.

eric said...

My wife accepts your challenge as well! Christmas baking season is on...I smell a Championship!

Whenever I think of horse drawn carriages, I think of the Seinfeld with Kramer and the Beef-a-Roni incident.


Anonymous said...


That particular Seinfeld episode was definitely brought up on the run last evening.

Mike said...

Hmmm, we'll have to come up with some sort of scientific formula to figure this out. Added weight from liquids taken on during and after the run but before the second weigh-in will have to be measured and subtracted, and we'll have to set a minimum length of time for the run. I have to tell you though, Kiera hasn't even started with the cranberry bread yet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we need an international bake off! And who came up with the idea to run through a Christmas Light display. Now that sounds like a whole lot more fun than driving through in a car with the windows rolled up.

Have a great week.

Marc said...

Sounds as though you may need an impartial judge to settle this thing.

I'm available.