Friday, December 22, 2006


Just a light 4 miles to test the legs and the spirit. Both appear to be in fairly good order, though I'm really looking forward to three days off from work after one more day tomorrow. Work has been extremely busy, and I've also been preoccupied with all the usual family events surrounding the holiday, so I apologize for the late and short post. My thanks to everyone who has chimed in over the past few days, I appreciate the discussion and the thought that goes into all the comments. Recovery definitely seems to be an individual thing, as evidenced by the cross-section of advice given.

Mystery Coach has penned a terrific post for the blog, but I'm saving it to post on Tuesday. The readership always drops off for the weekends and holidays, so by waiting until Tuesday I hope to get the good information he presents to as many people as possible (all 8 of you). Have a good day.

Training: 4 miles, 30 minutes, 7:30 pace. Legs starting to come back (again)


Phil said...

Overall, your recovery is progressing very rapidly. Within the next few weeks, you'll be fully recovered and focused on your next achievement.

Thanks again for all your help this year. Your comments have been extremely helpful and I really appreciate the time you've spent on your postings as well as your comments on my blog.

Have a great Christmas with your family.

Eric said...

You're going to make us wait until next Tuesday?! A teaser is what comes before a commercial, torture is the word you're looking for.

Looking forward to the post, though.

Mike said...

Thanks Phil, I always appreciate your comments as well. I'll look forward to seeing you at some races next year. Eric, you wouldn't want to open your presents on Christmas Eve now, would you?

love2runcanada said...

My father had a tradition of opening a gift on Christmas eve but then he always was an overgrown kid. We can hardly stand the wait! Have a great holiday.