Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The fridge is on the fritz, so the wife and I spent much of the evening taking it apart and researching parts on the internet. With some luck I'll actually be able to repair it, but spending much of the evening lying on my side while untangling appliance guts on our tile floor didn't do the achy body any favors.

It's for certain my head is back down to earth after spending a few days up in the clouds of "Marathonland", the happy place visited once or perhaps twice a year by the lucky, where folks PR at the distance and as a result lots of other folks give them a kind pat on the back. It was good while it lasted, but now it's back to fixing appliances, dealing with a bully at our daughter's school and fertilizing the lawn.

I got out for another short 3 miles today, and the calf muscles allowed me to run 8:20 pace. I enjoyed this run, and hopefully I'll get out for a second easy run in the evening so the gang from the Running Shop can make fun of my shuffle.

Training: 3 miles, 8:21 pace


Anonymous said...

Good job on the run and the repairman work! You'll be back to your old speed and gate in no time!

Sorry to hear about the bully. My eldest nephew has trouble with that. It just amazes me how kids can be so mean when they are so young.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the "normal life" seems to always come back with a vengence. At least the fidge waited until after the marathon to go on the fritz.

Phil said...

You went from a 9:30 to an 8:20 in one day. Now that's a fast recovery.

Best of luck with the fridge.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out your blog for the first time (impressive), wish I'd done so previously.

Congratulations on a solid race. Unknowingly we toed the same line last weekend (my goal a 2:36, 2:40 finish). I read your account and laughed noting some of the same individuals (the runner coming back to us with 6 gels strapped to a fuel belt). I’m scheduled to run Boston this spring although hoping to get into London. Perhaps we’ll toe the same line again one day…

Marc said...

Marathons sometimes seem quite simple endeavours compared to the vagaries of every day life.