Sunday, January 14, 2007


Nice end to the week this morning with a 17 miler followed by Kiera's newly famous apricot creamcheese coffee cake. There were only three of us covering the hilly route, and while the starting temperature was a frigid 25 degrees, it was a perfect day for running. It was fun picking the brain of the three-time Olympic marathon trials qualifier who was along for the miles, as at this point in my life (age 35) I take a keen interest in runners who are able to prolong the years spent at close to peak fitness.

While we didn't blaze along as quickly as we had during the last two runs, I enjoyed staying out for an extra 30 minutes, and I felt like I was getting stronger with each passing mile instead of feeling broken down.

I'm fairly happy with how the week went-
Mo: 8 in the morning w/6x150 accelerations
Mo: 4 easy in the evening
Tu: 8 w/5K trial in 17:00 in the morning
We: 13 miles at 6:37 pace in the morning
We: 6.2 miles easy in the evening
Th: 9.5 miles, w/7.25 mile effort around 6:07 pace
Fr: 9.25 miles easy
Sa: 10.5 miles w/15x400, 400 recovery, mostly 77's
Su: 17 miles at 7 minute pace
Total: 85 miles in 9 sessions

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Training: 17 miles, 1:58:30, 7:00 pace


Mark said...

that's a nice solid week, keep up the good work

Homeslice said...

Wow! Great week of training! Looks like you're having no trouble building back up after the marathon.

Phil said...

Great week of running and that apricot creamcheese coffee cake sounds yummy.

D said...

Your running continues to be impressive! Your consistency on Saturday is incredible.

Anonymous said...

who was the 3rd in attendance?


Sorry, I had 15 on tap and am a puss so I ran on my own an hour later.

Mike said...

Dan, Scott McDonald was the other fellow, and he managed 20 miles and two pieces of coffee cake. Caloric deficit=0.

Maybe we'll see you next week, no word on the menu yet.