Sunday, January 07, 2007

Don't Drop the Host!

Your wife makes them scones and coffee cake, and there's always gatorade and coffee waiting at the house for them afterwards. Now why on earth would you want to drop the host of the run?

First Jason the Dragon sprinted away from us with about four miles left, then with three to go Shane slowly turned the screw enough to put some ground between himself and Lucas and I. Eventually Lucas drifted back, but I later learned it was only because he stopped to take what the cyclists call a "nature break" and I didn't hear him announce it to me (my heart was probably thumping too loudly in my ears). Still, I finished the 13.25 hilly loop (same elevation I posted awhile back) at an average 6:38 pace, which improves on the 6:45 pace last week and the 6:52 the week before over the same or similar routes. The first mile was at 7:14 and we steadily ate away several seconds per mile. I finished with a 5:58 mile and a slightly bruised ego.

I had some trouble early getting comfortable on this run, as we started cutting the pace down after only one easy mile. My breathing a bit heavy for the first 7 or 8 miles, and I only really started feeling good once we started up the fairly serious hills during the last third of the run. I was a little surprised to have the lungs complaining instead of the legs, but I was happy to be able to finish the run strong (even while watching Jason's then Shane's tailights fade).

This run capped off what ended up being a transition week that ended my recovery and began my foray back into speedier training. Here's how it looked:

Mo: 8.5 miles, 6:40 pace
Tu: 8 miles at 6:45 pace am., 4 miles at 7:30 pace pm.
We: 9 miles w/15x200 in 36-39 am., 6.2 miles at 7:20-7:30 pace pm.
Th: 10 miles, 7:04 pace
Fr: 7 miles, 6:40 pace w/5K time trial in 17:18 (5:36, 5:32, 5:36)
Sa: 8 miles, 6:52 pace, fast finish
Su: 13.25 miles, 6:38 pace, fast finish
Total: 73.5 miles in 9 sessions

The coach has posted a template for what the next few weeks will bring, and he makes some great points about how this week's schedule is based in part on the benchmarks created by last week's time trial and 200's. From my perspective it will be a challenge to not want to jump ahead of where my current fitness is, but I know from experience that overreaching can easily send me backwards (I did this the second week after the marathon by working too hard three days in a row, which probably ended up adding a week to my recovery).

Training: 13.25 miles, 1:27:50, 6:38 pace


Andrew said...

Great paces Mike. You run with what seems to be such ease!

Mark said...

That's a nice weekly progression of pace improvement, satisfying.

Dusty said...

Good luck staying with the program and not cheating! :)

Marc said...

What a nice run to end your recovery period.

Here's wishing you all the best at the start of your new training regimen.

By the way, I would never think of dropping you on a training run.

Mike said...

You must have a sweet tooth Marc, but thanks all the same.