Monday, January 01, 2007

First Run of the Year

The kids weren't too interested in letting us sleep in, which was too bad since this was one of the only days I didn't have to set an alarm. With Kiera and Angie heading out at 10 for a trail run to Seven Falls, my only obligation was getting in a run before they needed to leave.

I headed out for 8 miles under overcast skies to see how the legs were getting along after yesterday's 15 miler. To my surprise things went well, and I was able to progressively dial down the pace as I went along. The clouds did make the Garmin hiccup a bit, so I ended up splitting the difference between what it said and what the MotionBased software came up with afterwards. The graph I posted yesterday was from their site, and from what I can tell it analyzes what you upload from your GPS and draws its own conclusions on pace and distance. While it's more information than I could ever use, the fact that it logs temperatures and altitude gain/loss is pretty cool. Afterwards Haiden and I enjoyed a muffin that was apparently promised to her last night in a bribery attempt to get her to go to sleep.

Child-rearing calls.

Training: 8.5 miles, 56:06, 6:40 pace


Laurie said...

MotionBased is very cool. You might be surprised how much you like it after using it for a while. If you run the same route a few times, you can compare your workouts to each other with the player. Try it, you'll like it.

Dusty said...

Nice way to start the year!

I might have to check out the software - was thinking it would be good to start something to log my mileage numbers in for '07. Which one is it that you got? I like the graph.

Mike said...

Dusty, I'm using whatever is free on the website for mac users. It is a bit buggy, but what can you expect for free. I'm using the Garmin 205 for a GPS.

Yvonne said...

Happy New Year Mike. Best of luck with your 2007 running!