Monday, January 29, 2007

Three Weeks

I have two low-key 5K's coming up, one on the 18th of February and another a week later. This leaves me three weeks to get my act together after what has been a difficult two weeks. Here is the damage from the last seven days:

Mo: 8.5 miles, 6:52 pace
Tu: 9.5 miles w/7 mile progression from 6:15 to 5:50 pace
We: 8 miles, 6:48 pace
We: 6.2 miles, 7:05 pace
Th: 8 miles, 6:45 pace
Fr: 8 miles, 6:59 pace
Sa: 6 miles, 7:09 pace
Su: 10 miles, w/10K in 34:49, 5:36 pace
Total: 64 miles

This sad total and poor race result come on the heels of a 26 mile week where sickness and an achilles issue saddled me with a fair amount of depression. Frankly, I'm more than happy to put these two weeks behind me.

A few emails with the coach have us on the same page with regard to what comes next. The fact that what was an aerobic pace is now anaerobic indicates I've dropped some endurance over the past two weeks, so for the near future I'm back to what has worked that system well in the past. The simple fact that I was able to hold 5:30 pace for 10 miles and 5:23 pace for 8K in the fall with no speedwork shows that speedwork alone won't help me when I'm running 5:36 pace for 10K. I don't think it will take long to get back what I've lost over the past few weeks, and hopefully by the time the nex race rolls around on February 18 I'll have gotten the step back.

Training: 8.66 miles, 59:53, 6:55 pace


Andrew said...

What are you going back to, higher singles? Battle on.

Mike said...

Nice to hear from you Andrew. Yes, the singles will definitely be longer (hopefully back to 10+ a day), and I'll be going back to a version of the back-to-back pace days followed by the long run. The coach thinks I need to get those last fibers to work a bit more aerobically.