Monday, January 15, 2007

Yellow Light

For some reason the left achilles acted up this morning. I think the cold temperatures yesterday and today might be a factor, as even though I waited until 9:30 or so to run this morning it was still only 24 degrees. Since the achilles felt tight and tender I eased into the first few miles, hoping things would get better. I had originally planned on doing 6x1 minute or so of hill sprints, but I figured that type of work would put even more stress on the affected area. Instead I ran the same 6x150 accelerations up to full speed on a nice dirt road by Sabino Canyon. These didn't seem to hurt as much as the easy running, and I actually felt better while running the last few miles.

It's been a few hours and I can still feel some soreness when I stretch upwards with the toes, so I'm a bit bummed. Tomorrow is a scheduled 5K evaluation trial, which I usually do in my lighter shoes with the lower heel height. If I wake up and feel the same way, I'll most likely take a zero and push the rest of the schedule back a day. Hopefully this is just a side effect of the cold, and by tomorrow all this worry will have been for nothing.

Training: 8 miles, 57:13, 7:09 pace, w/6x150 accelerations up to full speed. Grrrr


Eric said...

My money would be on the 15x400 from a couple of days ago as the cause of the soreness.

Stuff like this comes and goes...just be cautious and you'll be fine.

Michael said...

My left achilles started acting up after my 30” intervals, but it seems to be subsiding now. As Eric said, be cautious.

Have you ever done any preventative stuff? My coach had me doing 3x15 calf raises (twice a day) when my achilles started acting up about 6 weeks before the marathon. He said that it would probably aggravate it for the first few days, but then things would settle down. It did settle down, I just have to remember to continue with the exercises.

Lawrence said...

Unrelated question:

I remember you posting a while ago that you used the Safari web browser. Does it now work well w/ blogger? I'm switching to a mac. I'm curious.


crowther said...

Welcome to the Left Achilles Club. As someone who has experienced both the little twinges and a full-blown tear, I'll add a third vote for caution.

Phil said...

Hope that achilles heals up quickly. Unfortunately, it isn't going to get much warmer until the end of the week.

Thomas said...

Welcome to the club. My achilles has been hurting on and off for a while now (it's better at the moment). I find the exercises mentioned in this article to be very helpful.

Mark said...

achilles like the cold virus seems to be going around blogland.

mine tood a week to clear, eased off on it and applied ice, for me it was clearly running fast on the snowy and icy roads.

Eric may have it right the 15x400s could be cause

Mike said...

Wow, to say I'm not alone would apparently be quite the understatement. Thanks for the tips and help, and Thomas thanks for the article.

Lawrence, the latest Safari "works", but not very well. It's very hard to grab things and rearrange page elements. Firefox works much better and runs well on the mac.

Dusty said...

Wouldn't hurt to do some RICE. I agree with Michael, ease into it, but good streches.

I agree with the cautious approach as well - if you mess up you achilles, it can really put you back some time to heal.

You can also purchase heal lifts to put in your shoes that can relieve the tension.

kconnor said...

The link Thomas posted is excellent. Look no further than the control group all needing surgery and the test group all back to training just on the exercises.

Marc said...

Yellow is beter than Red.