Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Rush Job

I ended up getting out a bit later than planned this morning, which unfortunately doesn't mesh with going in to work early all week. I know it seems like I'm milking this "busy at work" thing but it's pretty much all-consuming until Tuesday or so when things will calm down. I'm bummed to miss the second race of the local Grand Prix series since I'm working through the Valentine's Day 5 miler this Sunday, but that's life. It will probably mean I'll have to run the Tucson half marathon in order to have a chance at winning the overall series (I was second last year).

Anyway, when I finally got out the door I had less than an hour, so I focused on getting in 10x150 meters of accelerations as per the coach's instructions. I felt a little beat up from the hills yesterday, but I was able to get through the efforts over the first 5 miles of the run without too much trouble. I did notice I was breathing a little heavy after the first half of the run, but overall things went fairly well over the measly 8 miles I was able to fit in. Any hopes of a short run this evening were dashed after getting stuck at the gallery well after closing time, but hopefully by not doing the double today I'll be fresher for the back to back workouts that start tomorrow. The coach suggested changing the 6:20 pace for 7 miles I ran last week to 6:10, and hopefully the body will be ready for it.

8 miles, 52:28, 6:33 pace

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