Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chicago it is

I covered six easy miles this morning and made it home just before Angie came over to run with my wife Kiera. She brought along her son Ash, who Haiden and Finn both enjoy playing with, and I spent the morning playing a prevent-style defense against the three of them.

While I was ducking flying objects I sat down with a few preliminary training plans that Mystery Coach emailed along. After weighing the options and considering the different timetables, I've decided to follow my original plan of concentrating on speed and shorter races through the spring, then doing a full build for the Chicago Marathon in October. This means no Fargo and no Sugarlof (sorry guys). While skipping a spring marathon is hard, I'm really enjoying the focus on faster racing and the training it requires. I never really felt like my body was able to fully process the anaerobic work and sharpening efforts I've done in the past, so spending more time through the spring with these kinds of efforts will hopefully get the body used to the unique stresses that running faster presents. There are plenty of goals to shoot for in the near future, like squeaking under 16 for the 5K and under 34 for a legitimate 10K.

As far as tomorrow's race goes, I'll try to put myself in the best position to do well. Depending on who shows up I might have a legitimate chance of running top five, which means with some luck I could have a shot at the win. When it's this kind of race I ignore the watch and just try to run smart. I plan to follow the same advice I give anyone who has a shot at first place-

Give yourself a chance to win the race.

Training: 6 miles, 42:18, 7:03 pace


Eric said...

I think it's good you're not doing a spring marathon. If there's one race you can run too many of, it's a marathon (or any race longer than a marathon).

So, why Chicago? Does Twin Cities conflict with another race, or is the timing wrong or something? Just curious.

Mike said...

Kiera has a good friend in Chicago she wants to visit, and the race corresponds with our anniversary. This will be our first trip together without kids since...well, since we had kids.

Eric said...

Cool...good for you guys! That sounds like fun.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

and muchos gracias for watching ash. i am very grateful to have a chance to run on saturday mornings :)

Dusty said...

Oh, I hope you win!! So awesome! I've been cheering you along silently as my pc seems to crash when I try to post a comment. Using a different PC now.

Looking forward to the race report - go get top 5!!! :)