Monday, February 19, 2007

Don't Mess With a Good Thing

My thanks go out to everyone for the kind comments on the race I ran this weekend, I really enjoyed reading them. The race and the report brought back memories of one of my first posts ever, after I won my first running race. I think back then Andrew was my only reader, and when I didn't get a single comment after a victory I felt like starting a running blog was probably a mistake. Lucky for you my ego demanded I continue obsessing publicly over my running.

The coach is planning another "race" week, in much the same mold as last week. I'm to push back the anaerobic and sharpening to Wednesday and Friday instead of Tuesday and Thursday in an effort to recover fully from the race, but otherwise things should stay pretty much the same. Part of me feels that I'm already recovering well from the race and that I'd rather jump back into a workout tomorrow in order to have two easy days before the race, but since I've proven in the past that I'm incapable of effectively judging my own recovery I'll happily bow to Mystery Coach's experience here. I'm sure I'll get more out of the mid-week workout by doing it Wednesday and not tomorrow, and hopefully Friday's workout will be short enough that I feel ready come Sunday.

Today I met up with Lucas for 10 miles of running in and around Sabino Canyon. We eased into the run slowly, but along the route we started to gradually pick up the pace. We tackled enough hills to keep us from really moving along, which was probably for the best after his long run yesterday and my race. The legs are feeling good aside fro a little soreness in the quads, and I'm hoping that they'll continue to come around for Sunday's appointment.

Training: 10 miles, 1:08:00, 6:51 pace


Michael said...

I’m a little late, but wanted to extend my congratulations on the race. Given the troubles you’ve had with injury and then sickness, you must be really proud of yourself, well done.

Chicago eh? Nice choice! I was looking at racing that last year, rather then the CIM, but took too long to decide and by then the race was full... the moral of the story, don’t do what I did. A friend of mine, Dave Jackson, did manage to get in and he had a solid first 35km but then BLEW finishing in 2:26:40 (it’s all a matter of perspective I guess).

tb1 said...

Congratulations Mike! As always, great report. I liked the "jimmy hand" comment. This is the first race that you've won since I've been reading. I knew you won (the title) when I saw the pic. Good job.