Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Minimum

I'm glad the coach has taken up the slack on the blog over the last few days since I've found myself quite short on time. The art gallery I work for has a show of 350 paintings this week, so look for short updates until then from me. I ended last week with 15 miles on Saturday, including 10 at 6:39 pace and three at 6:09 pace. Sunday was recovery slog in 75 degree afternoon temperatures, which gave me 86 miles for the week.

Today I was about two miles into my run when I realized I was famished. Yesterday's run was at 2pm in 75 degree temps, and I followed it with only a glass of gatorade. For dinner I split one slice of pizza with Haiden and a little cheese bread (like I needed more cheese), and I left the house with my usual cup of coffee this morning and nothing else. It seems to me I should have added another meal in there somewhere. Since the stomach was growling I put in a progression run in an effort to get things done quickly, starting around 7:15 pace and finishing with an average pace of 6:38. While the legs were feeling good, I could definitely feel I was running low on fuel.

Tomorrow is my second go at the "exchange workout", where I'll split 3 miles into 3/4 mile segments alternating between 6 minute and 5:30 pace. Hopefully with some food and a bit more sleep things will go well.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:06:25, 6:38 pace
Yesterday, 10 miles, 1:09:19, 6:56 pace
Saturday, 15 miles, 1:39:04, 6:36 pace, w/10 miles at 6:39 and 3 miles at 6:09 pace, felt good.
Total miles for last week: 86 miles in 8 sessions


Marc said...

Did you really have to mention 75 degree temps twice in this post?

Mike said...

Geez, maybe I should read these posts before hitting "enter". We're having a heat spell now, just a few weeks after getting snow. I hate to say it, but we'll probably see 80 this week.

Eric said...

Yes, not cool, Mike.

Bwah-hahahaha! I think my brain is frozen. Six below zero this morning, and, frighteningly, it felt like a NICE BREAK FROM THE COLD.

That's not right.

ian said...

I'd get on your case about the 75 degrees too, but my fingers are frozen and it's hard to type.

Omniscient said...

The temperature is predicted to continue to increase for the rest of the week. In fact, today, the high is projected at 80 degrees. Running without a shirt in February is such a hassle.