Thursday, February 01, 2007


After getting rained on for a little over 6 miles last evening while on a slow jog with the Running Shop gang, I awoke to find it still raining this morning. I could feel the 20 miles in the legs from yesterday, and as I pulled on the shorts I looked out the window in the bathroom in vain for any sign of a let up in the weather. If I wanted to get back in time to take Haiden to school I had to leave now.

Today it was just a matter of getting the work in. The miles clicked by as I ran around my down-and-up course, and I got to work quickly on putting in the 7x150 meters of accelerations I skipped yesterday. I've given up on doing these on the dirt road near the house because I feel I just can't get enough grip with my feet to push off with force quickly, which is much of the purpose of these exercises. I run faster and I feel faster when I do these on the roads, but the challenge is finding 150-200 meters on any of my courses without a fair amount of rise or descent. By cramming all seven in over the first 4 miles it can be done on either flat of slight downhill, so that's how it went down.

All in all it was a decent run, and I finished feeling stronger than when I started. With each step the rain seemed to increase, so that by the end it was pretty much pouring. With this weather it's no wonder the pace for the second half of the run was 10 seconds per mile faster than the first half. I couldn't wait to get done and get dry.

Training: 12 miles, 1:21:06, 6:46 pace


tb1 said...

Hi Mike,
I just caught up with your other blogs. I really like the model for the visual it gives and I think that is important. I also enjoyed all of the debate about the model. Very interesting.

I work with young kids occsionally and I would like to employ certain methods of endurance training to enhance their talent in the sports that they compete in. Trying to convince them of this while stressing having fun is tough. Good luck with your training.

Mark said...

Mike & MC,

I finally took a close look at the model, thanks for the second post as a reminder.

My first question Mike is what Marathon Pace are you using?

Second is I am interested in evaluating the first six weeks of my Boston Marathon Training in regards to proper loading.

Last is a fundamental question of through a 16 week marathon program would each week recruit all 12 levels?

Phil said...

Thanks for the update on the fiber model Mike. I hope to be able to get good enough at some point and have to worrying about this stuff. At least it gives me something to think about. Nice run in the rain.

Mike said...

Thanks as always for the comments. Tony, I still remember the first time I ran a whole mile (5th grade) like it was yesterday. At the time I cared more about baseball, but I was very slow around the bases. I guess endurance sports just kind of came naturally for me and I always enjoyed the stress.

Mark, marathon pace was a moving target during the last build. As I remember we started at 6:14 or so, since that's the pace I had bombed my June marathon with and we started working together soon after. With enough data (and some desperate pleas from me) it came down to 6:04, where it stayed for awhile. Gradually goal pace came down to 5:58 and then 5:54 at the end of the training, though much of the pace work continued at 6:04 until the final weeks. Personally I really like running MP+10-15 seconds, as I feel it gets you 90+% of the benefit of true MP runs but you can do a lot more of it without breaking down (I also could recover much quicker).

The coach could certainly answer this better, but I feel it's important to work forward from where you are (accurately assessing your fitness) rather than backwards from an arbitrary goal pace. I realize I have some egg on my face when I say this after announcing for 6 months that I would go from 2:47 to under 2:40.

I'll ask the coach to answer 2-3 since I've already gone on too long here. From a quick look I like that you are working at faster paces, including the marathon pace runs, but I'm not so sure about all the 5K pace running this early on. While I think activating and conditioning all the fibers is important, I believe the faster twitch both respond faster and can't hold their optimum condition as long so I like waiting until closer to the race to work them more often at high speeds. Remember, your longer runs with MP at the end will work those last fibers (as I understand it), but at slower than V02 max speed.