Thursday, March 08, 2007


Since I seemed to enjoy my short attempt at poaching 400's with Lucas on Tuesday, the coach assigned me six (or more if I felt like it) of the repetitions this morning. While the legs felt great during an easy 10K last evening with the Running Shop gang, for some reason they felt a bit sluggish this morning. I extended my foray from the strip mall where I park to the track to four easy miles, hoping that the legs would wake up. After a few strides and giving the eye to two throwers on the high school track team jogging slowly and taking up lanes 1-3 while tossing a medicine ball back and forth I took to the line.

While I was hoping to run fast, my primary objective was to stay as relaxed as possible. To that end I decided to ease into the first 100 of each of the first two reps, focusing on all the stuff I've been blabbing about for speedwork over the last few weeks. The short version: 72, 72, 70, 70, 68, 68, all with slow 400 recoveries.

The first two were definitely the easiest, with a slow start and just a little pressure on the last straight for both. For number three and four I started feeling it just after 200 or so, but I tried to stay relaxed while resisting the temptation to fight against things by tightening my arms and flailing (my usual response to stress on these). For the last two I took a different approach and focused solely on propelling myself forward with a strong push off. Thinking about only the legs seemed to take the pressure off my upper body, but the calf and hamstring muscles started burning at about 150 in on each. During the last repeat any hopes of doing a few more disappeared as the quads joined the chorus, singing "all done" in harmony with the calf muscles and the hamstrings.

The three mile cool down left me dragging a little towards the end, but I think it was more an issue of needing food than anything. I'm still not used to doing workouts the morning after a double, even if it's an easy double.

All in all I was glad to quit while I was ahead, and it was nice to see the good side of 70 seconds for a few of the efforts for a change. This helps put the series of 77's and 78's I ran a few weeks back into perspective as well.

Training: 10 miles, w/6x400 (400 recovery) in 72, 72, 70, 70, 68, 68
yesterday pm., 6.2 miles in 42:50

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Dusty said...

So you ran faster, on a double and without much food, no wonder your legs were tired - I bet that workout pays off more than you expect.

Great effort & focus!