Monday, March 05, 2007

Ahhhh, Weekend

The family made a tag-team visit up to my parents' house in Mesa this weekend, so I'm busy trying to get caught up after a few days of pot roast, merry-go-rounds, ice cream, and even a few Shiner Bocks. The kids had a blast, and I was able to meet with a client and deliver a painting while I was there. Luckily I managed to squeeze in a few runs as well.

When I mentioned some soreness in the quadriceps during both the end of Friday's run and the last quarter of Saturday's run, the coach sent me the email I was expecting. Two easy recovery days of no more than an hour were my marching orders, and I dutifully obeyed. The coach doesn't often tell me to run less, so when he does put a cap on either miles or time I know he believes I'm close to or over the edge of what I can effectively recover from.

A little less than two miles from my parents' house I ended up finding a nice dirt path that ran between a golf course and a canal full of effluent water (I remember Duncan writing about these canals some time ago when he was in Phoenix). I ended up running easy 8 milers on both days, with no mind on pace. On Sunday I could still feel just a hint of soreness on the surface of the muscles, but today the whole run was effortless.

Tomorrow Lucas and I will meet at the track, though we'll be doing two different workouts. The plan for me is 3200 meters of straight 78's, which should be interesting. Hopefully those two easy days will pay off.

Training: Today, 8 miles, 53:49, 6:45 pace
Yesterday, 8 miles, 55:56, 6:59 pace
Miles for the last week: 83 in 8 sessions


Michael said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Phil said...

Good to see that you were able to get in a couple of runs this weekend. The weather was perfect.