Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Race Week

Haiden's newly "customized" helmet

Looking back on the week it looks a bit light, but the race on Friday really was one I wanted to be ready for so I'm glad I backed off. Here's how the week went down-

Mo: 10 miles easy, sour stomach, 5 laps of 100 sprint/100 jog
Tu: 7 miles
We: 5.5 miles, w/5x100 accelerations and one 800 at 2:15 (69/66)
We: 6.2 miles very easy
Th: 6 miles easy
Fr: 3 miles easy
Fr: 7 miles, w/5K race in 16:14
Sa: 6 miles easy
Su: 8 miles
Total: 58 miles in 9 sessions

I honestly felt like I needed to recover both yesterday and today from the race, which has not been the usual this year. Most of the time I feel ready to roll after one recovery day, but this race really took more out of me, even if the result doesn't reflect it.

Next week ends with the fairly low-key 88-Crime 8K race, and I'm giving some thought as to how to approach it. I'm honestly looking farther off towards April 13, when I'll hit the track again for a second attempt at breaking 16 at an honest 5K distance. Part of me wants to just focus on rebuilding things a bit this week with some longer intervals or hill runs and more miles at steady paces (thinking strength and stamina over speed for a short time), and treating the race as a very hard workout that happens to fall on the last day of the training week. I'll of course be looking for help from the coach on this, as finding the balance between maintaining conditioning while being ready to race is tough. Lydiard and others have said that it's impossible to train hard and race well at the same time, and while I need to remember I'm training to race and not "training to train", I have to imagine that at some point too much tapering and freshening up before too many races and then having to recover afterwards eventually leads to either a plateau or de-training. At some point this is inevitable, which means going back to a conditioning phase and hopefully starting over at a higher level, but hopefully I can continue to race into early May when the race season ends.

Hope everyone had a good week. After the run today I took both kids in the bike trailer for a muffin while Kiera and Angie put in their monster trail run, then the kids and I hit a bicycle "block party" at a bike store in town (where Haiden pimped her helmet) and topped it off with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese. It's been a nice weekend, thanks as always for reading.

Training: Today, 8.1 miles, 55:08, 6:48 pace, calves still a little sore, and I'm a bit tired
Yesterday, 6 miles, 42:41, 7:07 pace, sore calves


Thomas said...

Lydiard's boys used to dived the races up between them. It wasn't possible to be at your best for all of them, so they said "I'll take that one, you'll get the next, Billie the one after that, then it's my turn again,.." and so on.

If you're prioritising races, you're basically following the same pattern, which I guess is a good thing.

Abadabajev said...

The only thing I miss from you these days, are the long 22 milers on sundays. I know I'm sadistic.