Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Even

The bug has come and gone and I'm back to my old self.

Finn's alarm clock woke the family at 5:45, and Kiera was ready to run before I had even poured my coffee. I stayed behind and played chef, waiter and bus-boy to Finn, who seems to be a bit bi-polar when it comes to food. He gets frustrated easily when he can't get his fork to shovel the waffle in quickly enough, which results in him yelling at his food. Since I used to work the breakfast shift on weekends at Carl's Jr. while in high school I'm used to this behavior, though usually with a much older crowd. When the waffle has disappeared it's on to a banana, which elicits a similar reaction. Who screams at fruit? Somehow Haiden manages to sleep through the racket.

Usually when I have to wait through part of the morning to run I start to lose motivation as hunger sets in (hmmm, I could really scream at some toast with honey about now), but today I was feeling good. I ended up knocking out the original Slow Down loop at a decent clip, sawing off a few seconds with each passing mile. The hands that were pushing on my shoulders over the past few days have released me, and it feels good to run again the way I've learned I can over the past year.

Training: 7 miles, 46:56, 6:42 pace


brian said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. b doesn't yell at his food if his fork isn't working right, he just starts using his hands.

Dusty said...

Glad you are back to yourself - and in time for your Friday race!