Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to Work

One day weekend since we have an art show this week, so I'm back to work with the rest of the world. I could feel the legs getting back to normal during the run today, and I finished off eight easy miles by adding on two quick ones once Lucas and I went our separate ways. I got word from the coach that we would get back to a little volume this week, including back to back days starting tomorrow of 7 miles at 6 minute pace. I have the go-ahead to back off a bit if I feel I need to, though I hope to feel smooth on both days. I'll follow these efforts up on Thursday with 90 minutes of running, which is more than I've done mid-week in awhile. All in all I'm looking forward to backing off from the sharpening (save for some 200's on Friday) and getting back to putting some miles in.

Training: 9.8 miles, 1:08:31, 6:58 pace

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Dusty said...

Glad you are starting to feel more recovered. I look forward to seeing how you aproach these next few races.

The helmet is too funny.